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Unlike other waterproofers in New Jersey, we provide our customers with a streamlined process for all of their waterproofing needs. Our goal is to get to the crux of your home's issues. If we spot signs of water in your basement, we go right to the source of the problem, working hard to fix structural deficiencies to prevent problems like mold growth and foundation damage. We are proud to be New Jersey's one-stop shop for all of your basement waterproofing needs. New Jersey homeowners choose Healthy Way because our experts are friendly, experienced, harworking, and fully certified. We won't rest until your waterproofing problems are solved. Because we specialize in both interior and exterior waterproofing services, you won't have to worry about hiring a laundry list of contractors to correct your moisture problems. Healthy Way provides all-inclusive basement waterproofing in Spring Lake Heights, it's no surprise that New Jersey residents trust Healthy Way to make their homes more livable every day.

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The Healthy Way Difference

At Healthy Way, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering the best basement waterproofing services in New Jersey. We won't be happy with our work until you are 100% satisfied, whether you need a thorough moisture inspection or a large-scale waterproofing project. Our basement waterproofing experts are certified, trained, and have worked on more than 4,000 repairs. They understand that your moisture problems aren't like anybody else's, which is why all of our waterproofing proposals are created specifically for your home. You won't find any "one-size-fits-all" solutions here, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Best warranties in the industry
  • Free initial inspection
  • Full-service basement waterproofing
  • Mold remediation
  • Foundation repair
  • Water management solutions tailored to your unique situation

Once your basement waterproofing project is complete, we make it a point to keep our staff available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, from the moment you call our office to schedule an inspection to the time you sign off on our work.

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Waterproofing Services in New Jersey

With more than two decades of experience and a team of fully certified and trained waterproofing professionals, there is no waterproofing project in New Jersey that we can't handle. When not addressed, water and moisture problems can cause serious health risks for your family. We're talking buckling walls, sinking foundations, and even toxic mold. With your home's value and your family's health on the line, you must attack these problems head-on, and the best way to do that is by bringing in the Healthy Way team. Some signs of existing water problems in your home can include:

  • Signs of rust or oxidation on metal fixtures
  • Mildew residue
  • Water stains on your foundation's walls and floors
  • Erosion of your concrete
  • Mineral deposits found on pipes
  • Flooded landscaping after heavy rain or snow
  • Pooling water around your foundation's interior
  • Humidity levels above 60% in your basement or crawlspace
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 Basement Leak Repair Spring Lake Heights, NJ
 Waterproof Basement Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Basement Waterproofing in Spring Lake Heights

Healthy Way has been providing the most trusted, effective basement waterproofing in New Jersey since 2007. Waterproofing your basement is crucial to protecting the value of your home and the safety of your family. That is why we only employ the best, brightest, fully-certified experts, who will treat your home like it was their very own. Taking shortcuts just isn't in our nature. We use innovative technology and time-tested techniques to discover and solve your basement's water-related problems.

Because basement wall leaks and water seepage are often caused by structural issues, external waterproofing is required. While some companies only seal the interior walls of your basement, Healthy Way goes the extra mile to fix your water issues inside and out. That way, your basement leaks stop for good.

Once we find the root of the water issues in your basement, we will get to work on a custom-designed solution that will exceed your basement waterproofing needs.

Our basement waterproofing services in New Jersey help prevent the following problems:

  • Mold growth, which can cause serious health hazards for your family
  • Basement flooding
  • Loss of valuables
  • Serious water damage to your home's walls and floors
  • Decrease in home value

Don't wait to address the moisture developing in your basement - call Healthy Way today for a customized solution to your water seepage problems.

What Causes Moisture in Your Basement?

It's easy to spot water leaking through a crack in your basement, but most homeowners don't know that there is a potential for water issues without heavy rains or obvious signs of standing water. At Healthy Way, we try to educate our clients on the real causes of water in your basement. Here are two of the most common reasons why you might need basement waterproofing in Spring Lake Heights:

Clay Bowl Effect

The "Clay Bowl" Effect

It might not be evident on the surface, but many basements are built in a below-grade dip, which is surrounded by backfill. Because backfill is made up of soil that was removed during foundation digging, it creates an empty shape or "bowl" effect. Once the foundation is finished, this loose soil is placed back around the foundation. Unfortunately, soil of this consistency is more absorbent and porous than the undisturbed soil around it, which is hard-packed and less porous. When rain or thunderstorms occurs, the soil closest to your home becomes saturated, putting pressure on your basement walls.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic Pressure:

This kind of pressure affects homeowners with property built below the water table or on a hillside where water runs down a hill. When the soil around your foundation becomes saturated, it will expand and put intense pressure on the walls of your foundation and basement. This pressure can create cracks, giving water an easy route into your basement.

How Healthy Way Solves Your Basement Waterproofing Needs

Having a wet basement not only puts your health at risk, it lowers the value of your home and makes it more difficult to sell. The good news? We offer a number of waterproofing services and products to solve your problems fast. A few of our solutions include:

  • Sump pumps
  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • High-strength washer hoses
  • Floor and wall crack repair
  • Replacement windows
  • Flood protection for your water heater

When you use Healthy Way for basement waterproofing in New Jersey, you can rest easy knowing that all our systems come with a written, lifetime warranty. This warranty is transferrable, meaning you can re-establish your home's value and give future owners confidence knowing that their new home is protected.

The Healthy Way Basement Waterproofing Process

Because every home is different, your basement waterproofing solution could be vastly different than that of your next-door neighbor. Many factors play a part when it comes to keeping your basement dry and safe for living. As a general rule, we approach each issue with a "prevention over repair" mindset. By taking this stance, we give our clients a more cost-effective, long-term resolution. We're not in the business of putting a "Band-Aid" on your water problem - we want to fix your issue completely, so you don't have to worry about recurring problems. Our effective basement waterproofing systems include a mix of the following strategies:

Interior Waterproofing

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing methods usually start with our team ensuring that any holes or cracks in your basement floors, walls, and windows are sealed properly. Sealing cracks in your basement is an important first step since this is usually the first place where water can enter your home. Our sealants keep your basement dry and help prevent more moisture from finding its way into your home. Interior waterproofing strategies like these also help lower humidity levels in your basement. While sealants and other interior waterproofing strategies help correct initial issues, they don't usually solve the underlying problem causing leaks in your basement. Those issues are most often found outside your home.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing

Once our team is finished with your interior waterproofing, we will move to the exterior of your home. Waterproofing the outside of your home is often a more complex, nuanced goal. Because of the difficult nature of exterior waterproofing, we recommend you consult with our team of professionals before tackling the job on your own. Generally speaking, our team beings the outdoor waterproofing process by excavating the soil around your home's foundation. Once we remove the soil surrounding your foundation, our experts will apply a polymer-based sealant to any cracks we discover. This sealant is a long-term solution and should remain intact for the life of your home. While the Healthy Way team solves your outdoor moisture problems, we will also check your downspouts, to make sure they aren't clogged. An inefficient gutter system does a poor job of directing water away from your home's foundation, which can cause more moisture to seep into your basement over time.

Exterior Waterproofing

Drainage Systems

One of the most common reasons that people need basement waterproofing in cityname is because they have a poor drainage system. A proper drainage system is paramount in keeping your basement dry and your family safe. These systems are meant to direct water away from your home and come in many forms, from French Drains to simple systems like ground soil. If you're thinking of installing a complex drainage system, save yourself some time and check the soil around your foundation first to make sure it isn't retaining moisture. If a more complex system like a sump pump is required, it's best to work with certified professionals like those at Healthy Way, to make sure your drainage system is installed correctly.


Because every home is different, it's hard to say what kind of waterproofing solution is right for your situation. Most homeowners require a combination of interior and exterior waterproofing. There are dozens of factors that come into play when it comes to waterproofing your home, so the answer to your problem may be different than your neighbor's. The good news is that Healthy Way is fully equipped to handle whatever moisture issue you're having. We will work tirelessly to make certain your basement is dry, mold-free, and safe to enjoy. That way, you can get back to living life rather than worrying about mold growth or foundation damage.

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Other companies may offer temporary or partial solutions. At Healthy Way, we believe in correcting the problem completely, so you save money and have long-term peace of mind. Our goal is to fix your problem to prevent it from coming back, or we won't do the work!

If you require quality basement waterproofing, it all starts with a FREE inspection from our certified waterproofing experts. We will take as much time as you need to find your problem, develop a solution, and walk you through our process step-by-step.

Don't let water leaks and foundation damage create a dangerous environment in your home; contact the experts at Healthy Way today!

 Basement Waterproofing Spring Lake Heights, NJ

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NJ counties pepper the list of most vulnerable U.S. housing markets

Six New Jersey counties placed in the top 10 most vulnerable housing markets in ATTOM Data Solutions' Special Housing Risk Report for the first quarter of 2022.And among the top 50, five more counties made the list, accounting for more than half the Garden State being so highly ranked.But in ATTOM's estimation, what does "vulnerable" mean?Executive vice president of market intelligence Rick Sharga said the higher a market rated in terms of the percentage of monthly income it takes someone to bu...

Six New Jersey counties placed in the top 10 most vulnerable housing markets in ATTOM Data Solutions' Special Housing Risk Report for the first quarter of 2022.

And among the top 50, five more counties made the list, accounting for more than half the Garden State being so highly ranked.

But in ATTOM's estimation, what does "vulnerable" mean?

Executive vice president of market intelligence Rick Sharga said the higher a market rated in terms of the percentage of monthly income it takes someone to buy property, percentage of underwater loans — where more is still due than the property is worth — foreclosure activity, and unemployment rate, the higher the risk.

Passaic, Essex, and Atlantic counties came in first, second, and third respectively, with Sussex seventh, Cumberland eighth, and Union 10th.

Warren (15th), Bergen (29th), Gloucester (32nd), Ocean (35th), and Camden (36th) were the rest of New Jersey's entries in the top 50.

Sharga said while jockeying for position may continue in future reports, New Jersey counties in a general sense will remain near the top for some time.

"It's not likely, for example, that we're going to see home prices decline dramatically in some of the higher-priced markets in the state, and so it'll always be a risk factor for New Jersey residents who are homeowners in those areas," he said.

According to Sharga, it is logical that some of the counties that house large urban centers like Camden and Newark, and have unemployment rates traditionally higher than the rest of the United States, would make appearances.

But he said that New Jerseyans tend to understand they live in a high-cost state, and so do people who want to come here from elsewhere.

"I don't think there's anything in the report that jumps off the page, and would make people hesitant about moving into the area or staying in the area," Sharga said. "Just the sheer concentration of how many relatively high-risk markets are in the geography, I think, is a little bit of a surprise."

What Sharga does want to communicate is that just because an area is classified as "vulnerable" does not mean its housing situation is in great, imminent peril.

There may be a fluctuation of one or more of the four factors he cited that may augur some positivity.

"If there is a downturn, whether it's a recession or some other kind of economic event that happens, these markets are a little bit more vulnerable than markets where the other conditions aren't present," Sharga said.

Read a summary of the report here.

Patrick Lavery is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

NJ beach weather and waves: Jersey Shore Report for Mon 6/13

Advisories--None at this time.At the ShoreCurrent conditions and forecast as of Mon morning76° - 86°From the Southwest8 - 16 mph (Gust 18 mph)6 - 14 knots (Gust 16 knots)1 - 3 feetLow61° - 70°(Normal 62° - 67°)5:25am - 8:27pm9 (Very High)Tide TimesSANDY HOOKSandy Hook Bay ...


--None at this time.

At the Shore

Current conditions and forecast as of Mon morning

76° - 86°
From the Southwest8 - 16 mph (Gust 18 mph)6 - 14 knots (Gust 16 knots)
1 - 3 feet
61° - 70°(Normal 62° - 67°)
5:25am - 8:27pm
9 (Very High)

Tide Times

SANDY HOOKSandy Hook Bay HighMon 7:21aLowMon 1:33pHighMon 7:46pLowTue 2:28a
LONG BRANCHAtlantic Ocean HighMon 6:55aLowMon 12:57pHighMon 7:20pLowTue 1:52a
MANASQUAN INLETAtlantic Ocean HighMon 7:09aLowMon 1:09pHighMon 7:34pLowTue 2:04a
SEASIDE HEIGHTSAtlantic Ocean HighMon 6:51aLowMon 1:01pHighMon 7:16pLowTue 1:56a
SEASIDE PARKBarnegat BayLowMon 5:38aHighMon 11:01aLowMon 5:38pHighMon 11:26p
BARNEGAT INLETBarnegat Bay HighMon 7:14aLowMon 1:25pHighMon 7:40pLowTue 2:29a
MANAHAWKIN BRIDGEManahawkin BayLowMon 5:12aHighMon 10:08aLowMon 5:12pHighMon 10:33p
LITTLE EGG INLETGreat Bay HighMon 8:03aLowMon 1:50pHighMon 8:28pLowTue 2:56a
ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic Ocean HighMon 6:56aLowMon 12:54pHighMon 7:24pLowTue 1:55a
OCEAN DRIVE BRIDGETownsends Inlet HighMon 7:25aLowMon 1:19pHighMon 8:01pLowTue 2:25a
WILDWOOD CRESTAtlantic Ocean HighMon 7:04aLowMon 1:03pHighMon 7:31pLowTue 2:05a
CAPE MAYDelaware Bay HighMon 8:08aLowMon 1:56pHighMon 8:35pLowTue 2:53a

Marine Forecast

From the National Weather Service, Mt. Holly

REST OF TONIGHT: SW winds around 10 kt. Seas around 3 ft. Scattered tstms. Patchy fog. Vsby 1 to 3 NM. Swell mainly from the E with a dominant period of 9 seconds.

MON: SW winds 5 to 10 kt, becoming S early in the afternoon, then increasing to 10 to 15 kt late. Seas 2 ft or less, then around 3 ft in the afternoon. Scattered showers early in the morning. Patchy fog early in the morning with vsby 1 to 3 NM. Swell mainly from the SE with a dominant period of 8 seconds.

MON NIGHT: SW winds 10 to 15 kt, becoming W 5 to 10 kt late in the evening, then becoming N after midnight. Seas around 3 ft. Swell mainly from the SE with a dominant period of 7 seconds.

TUE: NE winds around 10 kt, becoming E late. Seas around 3 ft in the morning, then 2 ft or less. A chance of showers until late afternoon. Swell mainly from the SE with a dominant period of 6 seconds.

TUE NIGHT: SW winds around 5 kt, becoming NW after midnight. Seas 2 ft or less.

WED: NE winds 5 to 10 kt, becoming SE in the afternoon. Seas 2 ft or less.

WED NIGHT: SE winds 10 to 15 kt, becoming S 5 to 10 kt after midnight. Seas around 3 ft. A chance of showers after midnight.

THU: S winds 5 to 10 kt, increasing to 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Seas 3 to 4 ft. A chance of showers.

THU NIGHT: S winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft. A chance of showers in the evening, then showers likely after midnight.

FRI: SW winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft. Showers likely, mainly in the morning.

FRI NIGHT: NW winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft. A chance of showers in the evening. Winds and seas higher in and near tstms.

Plan Your Trip

Data on this page amalgamated from several sources, including the National Weather Service (weather), National Ocean Service (tides), U.S. Naval Observatory (sun), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (UV index).

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. The Shore Report is generated semi-automatically daily at 5 a.m. from mid-May to late September. Follow Dan's weather blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for your latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

Cliffwood Beach: New Jersey's lost and forgotten resort destination

Before being devastated by a hurricane in 1960, Cliffwood Beach, NJ was a hot vacation spot that drew comparisons to Brooklyn's Coney Island.

Up until the end of the summer in 1960, the area included a boardwalk with amusements, saltwater swimming pool, and sports recreation area.

Cliffwood Beach was a favorite for people of all ages in the tri-state area, as its location along the Raritan Bay required a shorter driving distance than other resort towns like Asbury Park and Atlantic City.

At night, of-age visitors let loose at a popular restaurant, cocktail bar and lounge called The Cat 'n Fiddle.

For decades people flocked to the Raritan Bay Shore destination, but it all came to a screeching halt on Sept. 12, 1960. That was the day Hurricane Donna crossed into New Jersey.

Efforts have been made to revitalize the waterfront, but the vacation retreat was never to be heard from again.

Point Pleasant Beach NJ: 11 most popular spots

The first permanent boardwalk was built in 1915 and in the late 1920’s, Orlo Jenkinson built Jenkinson’s Pavilion and Swimming Pool.

Over the past 100 years or so, the community has grown into a vibrant resort destination for state residents and tourists, alike.

Gallery Credit: Erin Vogt

The aquarium has reached its 30th anniversary, as a privately owned facility located on the boardwalk.

With a goal of education on marine life and conservation, exhibits include Atlantic and Pacific sharks, coral reefs, penguins, and seals, plus a touch tank.

The restaurant began as a small take-out seafood stand, before expanding to offering four counter stools to seating for three dozen. Its growth has continued thanks to loyal clientele. Remodels over the years have included a harbor-side outdoor patio and needed renovations after Superstorm Sandy.

Fuhgeddaboudit! Great Jersey names for a hurricane

No question New Jersey has been hit hard by hurricanes and tropical storms the last few years. From Ida, to Henri, to Isaias, to Fay and to Sally. But where on earth are they getting these names? Steve Trevelise thinks if they had "Jersey" names, they would be more intimidating. He asked his Facebook following for some suggestions, here's some of what they came up with.

Gallery Credit: Steve Trevelise

Callahan Announces Nine Newcomers to Men’s Lacrosse Roster

Eight different states are represented in the incoming class HANOVER, N.H. — Dartmouth head men's lacrosse coach Brendan Callahan has announced the addition of nine first-year players to the roster ahead of the upcoming season.Class of 2026: Cameron Brown, Max LaTorre, Emmett Paradine, Sam Cooper, Zak Oehlerking, Jesse Phelan, Thomas Goguen, Thomas Vandenberg, and Hopper Zappitello."We are thrilled...

Eight different states are represented in the incoming class

HANOVER, N.H. — Dartmouth head men's lacrosse coach Brendan Callahan has announced the addition of nine first-year players to the roster ahead of the upcoming season.

Class of 2026: Cameron Brown, Max LaTorre, Emmett Paradine, Sam Cooper, Zak Oehlerking, Jesse Phelan, Thomas Goguen, Thomas Vandenberg, and Hopper Zappitello.

"We are thrilled to welcome these nine young men to our men's lacrosse program and the Dartmouth College community," said Callahan. "This year's freshmen will have a great mix of skill and athleticism to our roster. We wanted to focus on finding great leadership qualities and players with a track record of success at a high level. This group comes in as an accomplished class."

The group features eight team captains, five All-Americans, nine All-State/All-League players, a combination of five state championships and a national title.

"Thanks to the generosity of Dartmouth, the sponsors program and the friends of lacrosse we have been able to pick some of the best players from across North America as represented in this class with players from eight different states North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and California. As practice gets started this week, I can't wait to get to work with this group and see the impact they will have on the field and on campus."

Name: Cameron Brown Hometown/High School: Chevy Chase, Md. / Landon School Club: DC Express Position: Midfield Height/Weight: 6'3 / 200 Accolades: 2022 Team Captain, 2022 All-IAC Video: Cameron Brown Sophomore Year Spring/Summer Lacrosse Highlights

Name: Sam Cooper Hometown/High School: Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. / Santa Fe Christian School Club: West Coast Stars Position: Goalie Height/Weight: 5"11 / 185 Accolades: Inside Lacrosse Top 30 Goalie Recruit, 2022 Adrenaline All-American, 2022 US Lacrosse All-American Video: Sam Cooper Lacrosse 2021 Summer (Dartmouth Commit '26) | Sam Cooper Lacrosse Senior Year Highlights (Dartmouth '26)

Name: Thomas Goguen Hometown/High School: Weston, Mass. / Belmont Hill Club: Fighting Clams Position: Defense Height/Weight: 6'4 / 210 Accolades: Varsity Hockey & Lacrosse Captain 2022, 2022 ISL First Team All-League, 2022 US Lacrosse All-American, 2x Boston Lacrosse Al-American Video: Tom Goguen Spring Highlights 2021 | Tom Goguen - Dartmouth'26 - Senior Highlights

Name: Max LaTorre Hometown/High School: Far Hills, N.J. / Delbarton School / Salisbury School Club: Sweetlax Position: Defense Height/Weight: 6'3 / 190 Accolades: 2021 First Team All-NJ, 2022 Geico National Champion with Salisbury School, 2021 Delbarton Lacrosse captain Video: Max LaTorre (Class of 2022) Spring Lacrosse Highlights 2021 (Dartmouth '26) | Max LaTorre (Dartmouth 2026) Salisbury Lacrosse Highlights 2022

Name: Zak Oehlerking Hometown/High School: Hughesville, Md. / Landon School Club: Madlax Position: Attack Height/Weight: 6'2 / 195 Accolades: 2021 Football captain, Four-Star Inside Lacrosse Ranking, National Lacrosse Federation, 2021 First Team All-IAC Linebacker Video: Zak Oehlerking (Dartmouth 2026) Spring/Summer of 2020 Highlights | Zak Oehlerking Senior Highlights

Name: Emmett Paradine Hometown/High School: Hickory, N.C. / The Christ School Club: DC Express Position: Midfield Height/Weight: 6'3 / 195 Accolades: 2021 & 2022 Ist Team All-State, 2021 & 2022 First Team All-Conference, Three-Star Inside Lacrosse Recruit Video: Emmett Paradine (2021 Spring Highlights) | Emmett Paradine (Dartmouth) Senior Highlights

Name: Jesse Phelan Hometown/High School: Syosset, N.Y. / Cold Spring Harbor Club: Igloo Position: Defense Height/Weight: 6'3 / 195 Accolades: NY State Champion, First Team All-State (NY), First Team All-Long Island, US Lacrosse All-American, 2x All-Nassau County, Long, Island Champion, 2x Nassua County Champion Video: Jesse Phelan Junior Highlights Class of 2022 (Dartmouth 2026) | Jesse Phelan Career Highlights (Dartmouth 2026)

Name: Thomas Vandenberg Hometown/High School: Salt Lake City, Utah / IMG Academy Club: Mad Dog Position: Midfield Height/Weight: 6'1/200 Accolades: 2019 State Champion, Adrenaline All-American, Under Armour Underclass All-American, Maverick Showtime All-Star Video: Thomas Vandenberg 2021 22 highlights

Name: Hopper Zappitello Hometown/High School: Portland, Ore. / Boys Latin School Club: Crabs Position: Attack Height/Weight: 5'11 /185 Accolades: 2021 MIAA (Maryland) Champion, 2022 Team Captain, Adrenaline All-American Video: Hopper Zappitello 2022 Summer Tape | Hopper Zapittello Senior Lacrosse Highlights

Is the gas price drop coming to an end in New Jersey?

It’s been happening every day for more than three months in New Jersey.Gas prices continued to drop over the weekend, and many Garden State motorists are wondering how long this trend can continue.Tom Kloza, the global head of energy analysis for the Oil Price Information Service, said demand is still going down.“You’re going to see prices drop into next week, that’s pretty much certain. The market has been kind of plastered here in the last couple of days. I think we go another 5 or 10 cents lowe...

It’s been happening every day for more than three months in New Jersey.

Gas prices continued to drop over the weekend, and many Garden State motorists are wondering how long this trend can continue.

Tom Kloza, the global head of energy analysis for the Oil Price Information Service, said demand is still going down.

“You’re going to see prices drop into next week, that’s pretty much certain. The market has been kind of plastered here in the last couple of days. I think we go another 5 or 10 cents lower.”

He said after that, “the fourth quarter could be very, very choppy.”

“This is a drop of epic proportions and I’m among those who quite frankly didn’t think it would last this long,” he said.

Gas prices have been dropping for 97 days in a row.

“That’s almost a record. The record was in 2014 and 15 when OPEC really lost their mojo and it was 124 days,” Kloza said.

“I think though that we have to beware that the energy crisis isn’t over, it’s just taking a break.”

He said prices will stabilize mid-October.

“I think the next 2 or 3 or 4 weeks are mostly sideways for prices, a little bit lower in the short term, maybe a couple of rebounds here and there," he said.

Kloza added if the economy slows down, consumption will drop even more and gas prices will go even lower.

He said many drivers are understandably delighted to have gas prices dropping. But Kloza was quick to point out a big variable that could strongly impact prices at the pump: whether Russia suddenly decides to cut off oil supplies to Europe.

For New Jersey residents who use heating oil, he said that “this might be a good opportunity to buy it because it’s gone ballistically high in a couple of cases and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that trend revive in the fourth quarter.”

David Matthau is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

Friday Football Frenzy: Pennsylvania, New Jersey high school scores for September 9, 2022

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) -- High school football season means Friday Football Frenzy is back. It's the best time of the year for a reason. Big plays from the Jersey Shore to Delaware County to Montgomery County. Watch the video above for the frenzy.SEARCH FOR THE SCORE OF YOUR TEAM'S GAMES BELOWPENNSYLVANIA SCORESAbington 49, Harry S. Truman 7Academy of the New Church 40, Morrisville 14Aliquippa 26, Pittsburgh North Catholic 0Altoona 38, Mifflin County 0Annvill...

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) -- High school football season means Friday Football Frenzy is back. It's the best time of the year for a reason. Big plays from the Jersey Shore to Delaware County to Montgomery County. Watch the video above for the frenzy.



Abington 49, Harry S. Truman 7

Academy of the New Church 40, Morrisville 14

Aliquippa 26, Pittsburgh North Catholic 0

Altoona 38, Mifflin County 0

Annville-Cleona 42, Littlestown 14

Archbishop Spalding, Md. 20, Imhotep Charter 13

Armstrong 49, New Castle 13

Avonworth 21, Sto-Rox 18

Bald Eagle Area 48, Bellefonte 0

Beaver Area 28, Freedom Area 18

Beaver Falls 44, Knoch 6

Bedford 51, Westmont Hilltop 7

Bellwood-Antis 40, Curwensville 14

Berlin-Brothersvalley 49, Meyersdale 0

Bethlehem Liberty 14, Stroudsburg 12

Big Spring 47, Newport 0

Biglerville 21, James Buchanan 14

Bishop Canevin 20, Keystone Oaks 7

Bishop Guilfoyle 55, Somerset 7

Blackhawk 15, Mars 14

Bloomsburg 18, Hughesville 14

Brockway 70, Coudersport 16

Burrell 30, Valley 27

Butler 35, Brashear 22

California 60, Waynesburg Central 7

Cambria Heights 35, River Valley 14

Cambridge Springs 34, Maplewood 7

Camp Hill 26, Upper Dauphin 12

Canon-McMillan 33, Seneca Valley 21

Canton 35, Wellsboro 0

Carbondale 14, Hanover Area 12

Cedar Cliff 44, Lancaster McCaskey 0

Central Bucks East 30, Souderton 13

Central Bucks South 56, Council Rock North 7

Central Bucks West 56, Quakertown 14

Central Cambria 47, Greater Johnstown 6

Central Dauphin East 34, Northeastern 7

Central Valley 48, Hampton 9

Central York 30, Hempfield 20

Chambersburg 17, Waynesboro 0

Chartiers-Houston 27, Carmichaels 12

Chester 47, Phoenixville 10

Chestnut Ridge 42, Forest Hills 19

Clearfield 41, Dubois 7

Coatesville 34, Central Dauphin 28

Cochranton 22, Saegertown 20, OT

Conemaugh Township 28, Claysburg-Kimmel 0

Conestoga Valley 41, Garden Spot 35

Conneaut, Ohio 44, Corry 12

Crestwood 49, Wyoming Area 7

Cumberland Valley 28, Spring-Ford 16

Dallas 41, Williamsport 20

Dallastown Area 44, Hershey 30

Daniel Boone 39, Muhlenberg 15

Danville 69, Central Columbia 0

Deer Lakes 43, Apollo-Ridge 7

Dobbins/Randolph 42, Vaux Big Picture 6

Donegal 30, Palmyra 13

Dover, Ohio 19, Taylor Allderdice 6

Downingtown East 28, Delaware Valley 20

Downingtown West 30, Neshaminy 7

Dunmore 56, Susquehanna 7

ELCO 21, Columbia 12

East Pennsboro 17, Milton Hershey 8

Eisenhower 35, Union City 0

Elizabeth Forward 42, East Allegheny 7

Elizabethtown 41, Lower Dauphin 28

Elk County Catholic 30, Bucktail 16

Ellwood City 46, Carlynton 6

Elwood City Riverside 27, Shenango 6

Emmaus 27, Whitehall 19

Ephrata 42, Lebanon 20

Episcopal Academy 42, Cardinal O'Hara 7

Erie Cathedral Prep 58, West Toronto Prep, Ontario 6

Exeter 35, West York 0

Farrell 46, Grove City 15

Fels 30, Edison 6

Fleetwood 35, Upper Perkiomen 3

Fort Cherry 48, Bethlehem Center 22

Fort Leboeuf 42, Titusville 20

Franklin Regional 40, Connellsville 0

Freeport 61, Quaker Valley 7

Garnet Valley 49, Radnor 0

Gateway 20, North Hills 17

General McLane 46, Franklin 0

Gettysburg 35, Boiling Springs 20

Governor Mifflin 17, Boyertown 14

Greencastle Antrim 35, Delone 0

Greensburg Central Catholic 57, West Greene 21

Greensburg Salem 35, Ligonier Valley 22

Hamburg 54, Fairfield 34

Hanover 13, Pequea Valley 6

Hanover Area 13, Pequea Valley 6

Harbor Creek 40, Conneaut Area 0

Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt 56, La Salle 7

Haverford 28, Springfield 13

Hazleton Area 54, North Pocono 7

Hempfield Area 49, Greater Latrobe 14

Highlands 28, Chartiers Valley 20

Holy Redeemer 53, Tunkhannock 43

Imani Christian Academy 22, South Allegheny 7

Indiana 23, Shady Side Academy 22

Interboro 37, Upper Moreland 7

Jefferson-Morgan 27, Jeannette 26, OT

Jersey Shore 63, Selinsgrove 0

Jim Thorpe 48, Salisbury 12

Karns City 28, Ridgway 0

Kennett 37, West Chester Henderson 0

Kensington 42, Palumbo 0

Kutztown 26, Pottsville Nativity 14

Lackawanna Trail 14, Nanticoke Area 6

Lakeland 34, Riverside 0

Lakeview 51, Kennedy Catholic 14

Lampeter-Strasburg 54, Kennard-Dale 7

Lancaster Catholic 41, Octorara 7

Laurel 49, Mohawk 7

Laurel Highlands 37, Kiski Area 7

Lower Moreland 20, Jenkintown 14

Loyalsock 27, Southern Columbia 10

Mahanoy Area 35, Panther Valley 13

Malvern Prep 21, Archbishop Wood 3

Manheim Central 35, Cocalico 19

Mapletown 49, Avella 0

Marian Catholic 12, Catasauqua 7

McKeesport 14, Belle Vernon 6

Meadville 48, Fairview 0

Methacton 18, Wissahickon 8

Mifflinburg 35, Shamokin 21

Milton 42, Midd-West 0

Minersville 39, Shenandoah Valley 0

Monessen 42, Frazier 6

Moniteau 20, Cameron County 12

Montgomery 36, Cowanesque Valley 20

Montoursville 24, Lewisburg 21

Moshannon Valley 29, Glendale 14

Mount Carmel 55, Warrior Run 7

Mount Lebanon 40, Moon 9

Mount Pleasant 50, McGuffey 28

Mount Union 36, Tussey Mountain 26

Nazareth Area 21, Bethlehem Catholic 6

Neshannock 40, Ambridge 34

Norristown 20, Pottsgrove 13

North Allegheny 29, Erie McDowell 18

North Schuylkill 48, Pine Grove 0

North Star 39, West Branch 20

Northampton 62, East Stroudsburg North 6

Northern Bedford 41, Everett 0

Northern Cambria 33, Purchase Line 6

Northern Garrett, Md. 25, Albert Gallatin 0

Northern Lebanon 20, York County Tech 7

Northern York 28, Dover 26

Northwestern Lehigh 30, Blue Mountain 3

Norwin 27, Fox Chapel 13

Notre Dame-Green Pond 41, Tamaqua 26

Oil City 52, North East 20

Owen J Roberts 21, Avon Grove 0

Oxford 25, Unionville 7

Palisades 47, Palmerton 40

Parkland 21, Bethlehem Freedom 13

Penn Cambria 42, Central Martinsburg 28

Penn Hills 33, Pine-Richland 28

Penn-Trafford 48, Woodland Hills 14

Pennridge 35, Bensalem 0

Penns Manor 26, Homer-Center 6

Penns Valley 41, Huntingdon 14

Pennsbury 41, Council Rock South 6

Peters Township 38, Trinity 14

Philadelphia Northeast 14, Springside Chestnut Hill 12

Pittsburgh Central Catholic 31, Bethel Park 22

Pittston Area 22, Wyoming Valley West 0

Pleasant Valley 7, East Stroudsburg South 6

Pocono Mountain East 24, Allentown Allen 22

Pocono Mountain West 49, Allentown Dieruff 26

Portage Area 42, Marion Center 26

Pottstown 20, Harriton 14

Pottsville 49, Lehighton 21

Reading 42, Red Lion 35

Red Land 16, Mechanicsburg 15

Richland 38, Bishop McCort 0

Ridley 35, Plymouth-Whitemarsh 13

Riverside 27, Shenango 6

Rochester 60, New Brighton 13

Rustin 35, Erie East 12

Rustin 35, West Chester East 12

Schuylkill Valley 31, Susquenita 13

Scranton 0, West Scranton 0

Scranton Prep 63, Lake-Lehman 6

Serra Catholic 35, Washington 34

Shaler 47, Plum 14

Sharon 28, Hickory 14

Sharpsville 41, Reynolds 27

Shikellamy 23, Central Mountain 3

Shippensburg 21, Spring Grove 14

Slippery Rock 24, Greenville 7

Solanco 29, Penn Manor 26

South Fayette 20, Montour 19

South Park 35, Brentwood 7

South Side 38, Burgettstown 14

South Western 16, New Oxford 7

South Williamsport 72, Columbia-Montour 6

Southern Huntingdon 28, Juniata Valley 14

Southern Lehigh 29, Bangor 12

Southmoreland 28, Derry 14

Springfield Montco 21, Hatboro-Horsham 6

St. Joseph's Prep 14, Erasmus Hall, N.Y. 7

St. Marys 30, Kane Area 0

State College 45, Hollidaysburg 3

Steel Valley 62, Seton-LaSalle 7

Steubenville, Ohio 40, USO 14

Strath Haven 25, Conestoga 0

Summit Academy 18, Springdale 14

Susquehannock 14, Bermudian Springs 6

Thomas Jefferson 38, West Mifflin 0

Tri-Valley 35, Line Mountain 28

Troy 35, North Penn-Mansfield 0

Twin Valley 28, Conrad Weiser 16

Tyrone 49, Philipsburg-Osceola 0

Union Area 30, Cornell 21

Uniontown 38, Carrick 12

Upper Darby 35, Penncrest 27

Upper Dublin 32, North Penn 28

Upper Merion 21, William Tennent 14

Upper St. Clair 53, Baldwin 14

Valley View 35, Honesdale 17

Warren 50, Girard 28, OT

Warwick 26, Cedar Crest 20

West Allegheny 49, Ringgold 7

West Lawn Wilson 37, Martin Luther King 0

West Perry 24, Juniata 0

West Shamokin 14, United 12

West Shamokin 14, United Valley 12

Western Wayne 35, Old Forge 7

Westinghouse 59, Perry Traditional Academy 6

Wilkes-Barre Area 34, Wallenpaupack 7

Williams Valley 54, Schuylkill Haven 19

Wilmington 50, Mercer 8

Windber 56, Conemaugh Valley 7

York 54, Carlisle 47

York Suburban 26, York Catholic 0


Appoquinimink, Del. vs. Olney Charter, ppd.


Atlantic City 32, Absegami 7

Barnegat 7, Pinelands Regional 6

Boonton 40, Kinnelon 21

Bordentown 8, Maple Shade 6

Brick Memorial 28, Red Bank Regional 14

Brick Memorial 29, Toms River South 8

Burlington Township 21, Delran 0

Butler 28, Hasbrouck Heights 21

Caldwell 48, Pequannock 0

Camden 46, Sterling 6

Cedar Grove 45, Shabazz 8

Cherokee 20, St. Augustine 14

Cinnaminson 34, New Egypt 7

Clayton 20, Buena Regional 12

Collingswood 43, Gateway 7

Colonia 21, Iselin Kennedy 13

Delaware Valley Regional 38, Voorhees 7

Delsea 35, Winslow 21

Demarest 34, West Milford 14

Deptford 28, Audubon 14

Don Bosco Prep 44, St. Joseph-Montvale 35

Donovan Catholic 21, Rumson-Fair Haven 0

Dunellen 29, Highland Park 14

Egg Harbor 56, Bridgeton 0

Elmwood Park 22, Palisades Park 13

Fort Lee 35, Hopatcong 8

Gloucester City 35, Overbrook 0

Governor Livingston 31, North Plainfield 14

Hackensack 34, Paterson Kennedy 20

Hackettstown 28, North Warren 7

Hammonton 40, Highland 7

Hillsborough 17, Bridgewater-Raritan 6

Hoboken 42, Newark Collegiate 36

Hopewell Valley Central 21, Ewing 13

Immaculata 50, Newark Central 0

Irvington 27, East Orange 21, OT

Jackson Memorial 20, Howell 19

Johnson 42, Bound Brook 0

Jonathan Dayton 20, Roselle Park 14

Keyport 30, Asbury Park 22

Kingsway 24, Washington Township 10

Lawrence 28, West Windsor-Plainsboro 26

Linden 31, Woodbridge 0

Lower Cape May Regional 26, Pennsville Memorial 10

Mainland Regional 49, Oakcrest 0

Manchester 21, Toms River East 13

Manville 21, Middlesex 14

Matawan 42, Jackson Liberty 7

Middletown North 21, Central Regional 14

Middletown South 17, Manalapan 14

Millville 49, Williamstown 28

Monroe 24, East Brunswick 14

Montclair Kimberley 28, Newark Academy 14

Montville 25, Mendham 21

Moorestown 24, Northern Burlington 21

Morris Knolls 37, Parsippany Hills 21

Mountain Lakes 33, Morris Catholic 14

New Providence 21, Roselle 20

Newark East Side 40, Ferris 0

Newton 48, Sussex Tech 14

North Arlington 34, Saddle Brook 16

North Brunswick 13, Edison 10

North Hunterdon 25, Watchung Hills 24

Nottingham 14, Notre Dame 12

Ocean Township 43, Neptune 14

Old Bridge 27, South Brunswick 22

Old Tappan 28, Northern Highlands 0

Palmyra 42, Holy Cross 12

Paramus 21, Pascack Valley 20

Parsippany 28, Whippany Park 6

Passaic Tech 42, Passaic 0

Paul VI 10, Cherry Hill West 8

Perth Amboy 39, J.P. Stevens 14

Phillipsburg 28, Ridge 10

Pitman 21, Cumberland Regional 20

Point Pleasant Beach 32, Keansburg 22

Point Pleasant Boro 39, Manasquan 13

Rahway 45, Lincoln 16

Ramapo 48, Wayne Hills 7

Ramsey 48, Lakeland 27

Rancocas Valley 21, Eastern 7

Randolph 35, Roxbury 14

Raritan 21, Monmouth 13

Red Bank Catholic 25, Wall 3

Ridgewood 20, Clifton 13

Riverside 30, Lindenwold 0

Robbinsville 20, Hightstown 7

Rutherford 35, Lyndhurst 14

Sayreville 22, New Brunswick 7

Schalick 29, Wildwood 12

Secaucus 43, New Milford 14

Seneca 27, Triton 26

Shawnee 14, Lenape 3

South Hunterdon 40, Belvidere 7

South Plainfield 13, Carteret 12

Sparta 35, Vernon 20

St. John Vianney 34, Holmdel 27

St. Joseph-Hammonton 30, Holy Spirit 26

St. Joseph-Metuchen 31, Somerville 15

St. Peter's Prep 23, DePaul Catholic 10

St. Thomas Aquinas 43, Scotch Plains-Fanwood 0

Steinert 20, Allentown 15

Timber Creek 22, Willingboro 8

Toms River North 42, Southern 0

Union City 66, Livingston 7

Vineland 34, Clearview Regional 14

Waldwick 37, Manchester Regional 6

Wallkill Valley 27, High Point 0

Wayne Valley 49, Belleville 6

Weehawken 39, Emerson 0

Weequahic 6, Verona 2

West Essex 31, Passaic Valley 6

West Morris 28, Mount Olive 0

West Orange 34, Bloomfield 7

West Side 28, North Bergen 6

Westwood 49, Dumont 0

Woodstown 18, Paulsboro 0


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