Discover What Truly Effective Foundation Waterproofing Looks Like

If you’ve been experiencing basement flooding or crawl space leaks in your home – or your house has a dank, damp smell that just won’t go away – it’s possible that your foundation is to blame. Foundation cracks and crawl space leaks let water into the home during rainy water – and once that water’s in your house, it has nothing to do but sit and let mold grow.

That’s why you need the services of a foundation waterproofing expert if you encounter any of the following:

  • High humidity within your home
  • Puddles forming in your basement and/or crawl space
  • Water stains on foundation walls/floors
  • Puddles at the foot of your home’s exterior walls
  • Poor drainage issues outside the home
  • A prevalent musty odor

If you’ve experienced any of the following signs, it’s time to call on the superior waterproofing services of Healthy Way.

The Healthy Way Experience

Here at Healthy Way of NJ, we consider ourselves to be foundation waterproofing experts. After all, our foundation experts and crawl space contractors have repaired and water proofed over 4,000 foundations since 2007 – and we’re aiming to bring our services to even more residents in the greater New Jersey area.

The Healthy Way process is unique to any other foundation waterproofing service in New Jersey because our contractors fully repair any foundation cracks or structural damage before beginning the waterproofing process. After all, a foundation can’t truly be waterproofed if there are still cracks or structural issues – and if we find them, you can count on Healthy Way to repair them for you.

Contact Healthy Way Today

Whether you’re interested in foundation waterproofing or foundation repair, a friendly professional at Healthy Way will be happy to help. Contact us today at 732-741-1103 to schedule a consultation with our Healthy Way foundation waterproofing contractors.