Enjoy a Foundation Inspection From The Foundation Experts

At Healthy Way of NJ, we don’t just consider ourselves to be waterproofing and mold removal experts – we’re also superior foundation repair contractors. You might be wondering why we have so many specialties under one roof; however, you’ll find that the Healthy Way process just makes sense.

If you hire us for waterproofing, a certified foundation repair contractor will provide you with a foundation inspection. Your house isn’t considered “water proofed” unless we’ve done a thorough investigation of any cracks, leaks, or structural damage that might be causing water to seep into your home.

Makes sense, right? Not to other waterproofing companies; in fact, Healthy Way is one of the only waterproofing companies in New Jersey that can provide on-the-spot structural and foundation repairs once we find them. Other services will just haphazardly “water proof” your home without addressing your structural repair needs. This leaves you with the possibility of imminent water damage during rainy water – not to mention a big bill from hiring another contractor.

At Healthy Way of NJ, we consider ourselves to be waterproofing experts who also specialize in foundation inspection and repair. With over 4,000 repaired foundations under our belt, it’s no wonder more people trust their home with Healthy Way of NJ.

Contact a Foundation Repair Contractor at Healthy Way NJ Today

Whether you’re interested in our waterproofing services or simply want to know why you keep incurring water damage, pick up the phone and give Healthy Way of NJ a call at 732-741-1103. A trusted foundation repair contractor will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive and thorough NJ foundation inspection.