Realty Mold Remediation Services in New Jersey

Evidence of a mold problem may be one of the top things an inspector will look for when going through a home inspection during the closing process. Unfortunately if they find any potential mold, it may delay the sale or you may end up losing the buyer. Ideally, taking a proactive approach to the issue by contacting the mold experts at Healthy Way before putting the home on the market can help prevent this type of scenario.

A traditional pre-closing home inspection sometimes is not enough to quell concerns about mold. As a realtor, it will benefit both your buyers and your sellers to contact the fully-trained and certified mold experts at Healthy Way for a mold inspection as soon as there is any question or concern that there may be mold lurking about. Healthy Way is dedicated to being there for you every step of the way to assist or answer any questions you may have. And because Healthy Way understands that time is vitally important in real estate, we prioritize our realty service customers so they can get back to selling their home or purchasing their dream home. As a bonus, we also offer special pricing for realty referrals.

Your One Stop Solution to Mold Testing and Removal

There’s no need to coordinate with several contractors for a mold problem when you have Healthy Way on your team. We take care of everything from the initial inspection, testing, mold clean-up, and remediation, all the way through the repairs and the restoration of anything damaged due to mold growth. Lastly, our best-in-the-mold-industry transferable warranty gives buyers the confidence they need to make good decisions.

If you are a real estate agent, what are you waiting for? On behalf of your clients, take advantage of our mold inspection today!