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Real Estate Mold Services Hoboken, NJ

With the expertise and experience necessary to help realtors maximize potential home sales and commissions by addressing moisture and mold concerns, Healthy Way of Hoboken provides an invaluable service! We work alongside realtors to inspect homes through a thorough lens that’s totally focused on mold and moisture issues — something the typical home inspector simply cannot do.

Healthy Way Hoboken recognizes the importance of time when it comes to closing on a home. That’s why we prioritize and expedite the process in every possible way. We are experts in mold removal and remediation, in addition to reconstruction and refinishing, offering comprehensive solutions. We also offer special pricing for realtor referrals! Moreover, we provide the best warranties around, giving potential home buyers a confidence boost that helps them make the smartest decisions.

When realtors team up with Healthy Way, they can focus on doing what they do best — selling homes!

Healthy Way also provides private, 30-minute seminars designed to educate and train realtors in recognizing issues with moisture, mildew and mold. These are offered at no cost to the realtor or their company! The information we provide is vital, and can help protect realtors from liability issues that may arise. We also make sure to answer any and all questions as thoroughly as possible. Our seminars give realtors an advantage in the market by enabling the proactive attack on moisture and mold issues in homes for sale. This valuable information gives realtors an added edge when it comes to credibility with clients, as well as a smoother road through the closing process. It’s truly a win-win situation for all involved!

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