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Rest Easy on a Firm Foundation

Foundation Repair Hoboken NJ

A home is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is built. A weak foundation could contribute to serious problems for the homeowner who fails to address the issue as quickly as possible!

The most common cause of compromised foundations is water. When a poor (or even nonexistent) drainage system is in place, or there is expansive soil or a lack of preventative waterproofing work in a moisture-laden climate, water can cause serious damage. Thankfully, homeowners can call on Healthy Way and their knowledgeable team of foundation repair Hoboken experts — they’re ready and available to address homeowners’ specific foundation repair needs the right way!

Here are some of the most common signs of foundation issues:

  • Doors begin to jam or are no longer able to be latched shut
  • Tile floors crack or become uneven
  • Concrete begins to chip or flake with ease
  • The basement floor “drops”
  • Bulges, cracks or curves appear in concrete or block exterior foundation walls
  • Cracks appear in walls, especially over doorways, windows and where they meet the ceiling
  • Windows that were once freely moving no longer open or close all the way

Foundation Repair Hoboken NJ

Horizontal cracks in concrete walls can also be caused by a serious foundation issue. If this is the case, you require a foundation repair company Hoboken that you can trust completely!

Healthy Way is special because we don’t just repair foundations; we also take on the root causes of foundation problems. When one amazing company can do it all — and that company is Hoboken’s leading foundation repair contractor — it just makes sense to call on Healthy Way!

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