Winter Mold Allergies

winter mold allergiesPeople who suffer from mold/mildew allergies or a mold sensitivity will be the first to tell you that winter is their least favorite season. While mold and mold spores are found in our environment year-round, the dead leaf piles/vegetation leftover from fall, coupled with the cold and moist air, provides an abundance of necessary elements for mold to thrive and spread triggering winter mold allergies.

In nature, mold serves the purpose of breaking down dead organic matter, which is generally a good thing. When mold growth invades your home, however, this is far from a good thing. Mold and spores can wreak havoc on your immune and respiratory system. Complications range from a runny nose and sneezing to breathing problems and severe asthma. If you’re noticing an uptick of allergy symptoms in your home during the winter, here are some changes to consider:

  • Take your shoes off at the door. Your shoes can track in mold allergens.
  • Consider replacing single pane windows with duel or triple pane windows to keep out the excessive moisture, or wipe down the sills regularly if you can’t replace.
  • Switch out your air filters. Typical filter life span is 3 months.
  • Fix any leaky faucets or fixtures. (Two Easy DIY Toilet Fixes.)
  • Dust with a moist cloth instead of a feather-style duster and use a vacuum with a higher-grade HEPA filter.
  • Install a high-powered vent fan and keep the door open when showering.
  • Look into a quality air filtration system.
  • Don’t leave wet clothes or cloths in the hamper or laundry basket.
  • Keep doors and windows closed, especially if you or your neighbors are doing yard work.

If symptoms are more than mild, and you suspect mold growth originating from inside your home, it’s important you get a professional opinion. Many molds are toxic and can create permanent health damage if left to fester. Contact a qualified professional mold company for a preliminary inspection.

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