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Unlike other waterproofers in New Jersey, we provide our customers with a streamlined process for all of their waterproofing needs. Our goal is to get to the crux of your home’s issues. If we spot signs of water in your basement, we go right to the source of the problem, working hard to fix structural deficiencies to prevent problems like mold growth and foundation damage. We are proud to be New Jersey’s one-stop shop for all of your basement waterproofing needs. New Jersey homeowners choose Healthy Way because our experts are friendly, experienced, harworking, and fully certified. We won’t rest until your waterproofing problems are solved. Because we specialize in both interior and exterior waterproofing services, you won’t have to worry about hiring a laundry list of contractors to correct your moisture problems. With Healthy Way provides all-inclusive basement waterproofing in Middleton, it’s no surprise that New Jersey residents trust Healthy Way to make their homes more livable every day.

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The Healthy Way Difference

At Healthy Way, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering the best basement waterproofing services in New Jersey. We won’t be happy with our work until you are 100% satisfied, whether you need a thorough moisture inspection or a large-scale waterproofing project. Our basement waterproofing experts are certified, trained, and have worked on more than 4,000 repairs. They understand that your moisture problems aren’t like anybody else’s, which is why all of our waterproofing proposals are created specifically for your home. You won’t find any “one-size-fits-all” solutions here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Best warranties in the industry
  • Free initial inspection
  • Full-service basement waterproofing
  • Mold remediation
  • Foundation repair
  • Water management solutions tailored to your unique situation

Once your basement waterproofing project is complete, we make it a point to keep our staff available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, from the moment you call our office to schedule an inspection to the time you sign off on our work.

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Waterproofing Services in New Jersey

With more than two decades of experience and a team of fully certified and trained waterproofing professionals, there is no waterproofing project in New Jersey that we can’t handle. When not addressed, water and moisture problems can cause serious health risks for your family. We’re talking buckling walls, sinking foundations, and even toxic mold. With your home’s value and your family’s health on the line, you must attack these problems head-on, and the best way to do that is by bringing in the Healthy Way team. Some signs of existing water problems in your home can include:

  • Signs of rust or oxidation on metal fixtures
  • Mildew residue
  • Water stains on your foundation’s walls and floors
  • Erosion of your concrete
  • Mineral deposits found on pipes
  • Flooded landscaping after heavy rain or snow
  • Pooling water around your foundation’s interior
  • Humidity levels above 60% in your basement or crawlspace
mold removal rem
realty services
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Basement Waterproofing in Middleton

Healthy Way has been providing the most trusted, effective basement waterproofing in New Jersey since 2007. Waterproofing your basement is crucial to protecting the value of your home and the safety of your family. That is why we only employ the best, brightest, fully-certified experts, who will treat your home like it was their very own. Taking shortcuts just isn’t in our nature. We use innovative technology and time-tested techniques to discover and solve your basement’s water-related problems.

Because basement wall leaks and water seepage are often caused by structural issues, external waterproofing is required. While some companies only seal the interior walls of your basement, Healthy Way goes the extra mile to fix your water issues inside and out. That way, your basement leaks stop for good.

Once we find the root of the water issues in your basement, we will get to work on a custom-designed solution that will exceed your basement waterproofing needs.

Our basement waterproofing services in New Jersey help prevent the following problems:

  • Mold growth, which can cause serious health hazards for your family
  • Basement flooding
  • Loss of valuables
  • Serious water damage to your home’s walls and floors
  • Decrease in home value

Don’t wait to address the moisture developing in your basement – call Healthy Way today for a customized solution to your water seepage problems.

What Causes Moisture in Your Basement?

It’s easy to spot water leaking through a crack in your basement, but most homeowners don’t know that there is a potential for water issues without heavy rains or obvious signs of standing water. At Healthy Way, we try to educate our clients on the real causes of water in your basement. Here are two of the most common reasons why you might need basement waterproofing in Middleton:

Clay Bowl Effect

The “Clay Bowl” Effect

It might not be evident on the surface, but many basements are built in a below-grade dip, which is surrounded by backfill. Because backfill is made up of soil that was removed during foundation digging, it creates an empty shape or “bowl” effect. Once the foundation is finished, this loose soil is placed back around the foundation. Unfortunately, soil of this consistency is more absorbent and porous than the undisturbed soil around it, which is hard-packed and less porous. When rain or thunderstorms occurs, the soil closest to your home becomes saturated, putting pressure on your basement walls.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic Pressure:

This kind of pressure affects homeowners with property built below the water table or on a hillside where water runs down a hill. When the soil around your foundation becomes saturated, it will expand and put intense pressure on the walls of your foundation and basement. This pressure can create cracks, giving water an easy route into your basement.

How Healthy Way Solves Your Basement Waterproofing Needs

Having a wet basement not only puts your health at risk, it lowers the value of your home and makes it more difficult to sell. The good news? We offer a number of waterproofing services and products to solve your problems fast. A few of our solutions include:

  • Sump pumps
  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • High-strength washer hoses
  • Floor and wall crack repair
  • Replacement windows
  • Flood protection for your water heater

When you use Healthy Way for basement waterproofing in New Jersey, you can rest easy knowing that all our systems come with a written, lifetime warranty. This warranty is transferrable, meaning you can re-establish your home’s value and give future owners confidence knowing that their new home is protected.

The Healthy Way Basement Waterproofing Process

Because every home is different, your basement waterproofing solution could be vastly different than that of your next-door neighbor. Many factors play a part when it comes to keeping your basement dry and safe for living. As a general rule, we approach each issue with a “prevention over repair” mindset. By taking this stance, we give our clients a more cost-effective, long-term resolution. We’re not in the business of putting a “Band-Aid” on your water problem – we want to fix your issue completely, so you don’t have to worry about recurring problems. Our effective basement waterproofing systems include a mix of the following strategies:

Interior Waterproofing

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing methods usually start with our team ensuring that any holes or cracks in your basement floors, walls, and windows are sealed properly. Sealing cracks in your basement is an important first step since this is usually the first place where water can enter your home. Our sealants keep your basement dry and help prevent more moisture from finding its way into your home. Interior waterproofing strategies like these also help lower humidity levels in your basement. While sealants and other interior waterproofing strategies help correct initial issues, they don’t usually solve the underlying problem causing leaks in your basement. Those issues are most often found outside your home.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing

Once our team is finished with your interior waterproofing, we will move to the exterior of your home. Waterproofing the outside of your home is often a more complex, nuanced goal. Because of the difficult nature of exterior waterproofing, we recommend you consult with our team of professionals before tackling the job on your own. Generally speaking, our team beings the outdoor waterproofing process by excavating the soil around your home’s foundation. Once we remove the soil surrounding your foundation, our experts will apply a polymer-based sealant to any cracks we discover. This sealant is a long-term solution and should remain intact for the life of your home. While the Healthy Way team solves your outdoor moisture problems, we will also check your downspouts, to make sure they aren’t clogged. An inefficient gutter system does a poor job of directing water away from your home’s foundation, which can cause more moisture to seep into your basement over time.

Exterior Waterproofing

Drainage Systems

One of the most common reasons that people need basement waterproofing in cityname is because they have a poor drainage system. A proper drainage system is paramount in keeping your basement dry and your family safe. These systems are meant to direct water away from your home and come in many forms, from French Drains to simple systems like ground soil. If you’re thinking of installing a complex drainage system, save yourself some time and check the soil around your foundation first to make sure it isn’t retaining moisture. If a more complex system like a sump pump is required, it’s best to work with certified professionals like those at Healthy Way, to make sure your drainage system is installed correctly.


Because every home is different, it’s hard to say what kind of waterproofing solution is right for your situation. Most homeowners require a combination of interior and exterior waterproofing. There are dozens of factors that come into play when it comes to waterproofing your home, so the answer to your problem may be different than your neighbor’s. The good news is that Healthy Way is fully equipped to handle whatever moisture issue you’re having. We will work tirelessly to make certain your basement is dry, mold-free, and safe to enjoy. That way, you can get back to living life rather than worrying about mold growth or foundation damage.

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Other companies may offer temporary or partial solutions. At Healthy Way, we believe in correcting the problem completely, so you save money and have long-term peace of mind. Our goal is to fix your problem to prevent it from coming back, or we won’t do the work!

If you require quality basement waterproofing, it all starts with a FREE inspection from our certified waterproofing experts. We will take as much time as you need to find your problem, develop a solution, and walk you through our process step-by-step.

Don’t let water leaks and foundation damage create a dangerous environment in your home; contact the experts at Healthy Way today!

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NBA Finals Game 6: Suns vs Bucks Predictions and Betting Offers

Our NBA betting expert offers his best Suns vs Bucks predictions and picks for Game 6 of their NBA Finals series, which gets underway on ABC at 9 p.m. EST.Phoenix once led the Finals 2-0 but the Suns are far removed from that momentum as the series shifts back to Milwaukee and Fiserv Forum, where the Bucks had the best home record in the Eastern Conference this season.With three consecutive wins, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks are on the verge of bringing the city its first NBA title in 50 years....

Our NBA betting expert offers his best Suns vs Bucks predictions and picks for Game 6 of their NBA Finals series, which gets underway on ABC at 9 p.m. EST.

Phoenix once led the Finals 2-0 but the Suns are far removed from that momentum as the series shifts back to Milwaukee and Fiserv Forum, where the Bucks had the best home record in the Eastern Conference this season.

With three consecutive wins, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks are on the verge of bringing the city its first NBA title in 50 years.

Suns vs Bucks Predictions

Betting on Suns vs Bucks? Take advantage of these brilliant new customer betting offers.

Devin Booker has 82 points in the past two games and the Bucks seem intent on focusing their defense on the pace of Chris Paul and doubling Deandre Ayton when he catches with his back to the basket.

That strategy might be refuted in some circles, but the Bucks have three consecutive wins subscribing to the proverbial “head of the snake” theory by hounding Paul into a miserable three-game stretch.

Booker is going to get a physical check, too, but P.J. Tucker isn't getting quicker the longer this series goes and big moments aren't striking fear into Booker this late in the Finals.

The Bucks are going to contest shots knowing Booker is shooting just over 33 percent from 3-point range in the postseason. Since going 7 of 12 in Game 2 from deep, Booker is 3 of 14 from downtown. We're buying the bounceback.

Deandre Ayton is dragged to the perimeter and out of the paint consistently when the Bucks go small, but Brook Lopez has seen considerably more time at home and Ayton is going to be asked to deliver his best effort yet.

That will mean a big night on the boards and attempting to bat back shots in the paint.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has two of the most memorable blocks in Finals history in this series, one on a lob to Ayton in Game 4 and the other tracking down Mikal Bridges in Game 1.

He's been active and energetic as ever and with a full-throated home crowd behind the Bucks in Game 6, expect an all-out performance.

For all Giannis' greatness, Middleton has a case as the MVP of this series given his heroic effort in rallying the Bucks in Game 4 and his complete game in the encore win at Phoenix.

Middleton is going to get 10 points without breaking a sweat based on matchups. On a night when shooting percentages are likely to be down and intensity up, he'll have every chance to reach double-double status in the rebound category.

Suns vs Bucks Odds

Odds courtesy of BetMGM, correct at the time of publishing and subject to change.

Best Bucks player prop bets in Game 6 of 2021 NBA Finals vs. Suns

The Milwaukee Bucks are one win away from the NBA title and will look to close things out at home when they face the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the NBA Finals Tuesday. The Bucks have rattled off three straight wins after going down 2-0 and will attempt to win the franchise’s first title since 1970-71....

The Milwaukee Bucks are one win away from the NBA title and will look to close things out at home when they face the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the NBA Finals Tuesday. The Bucks have rattled off three straight wins after going down 2-0 and will attempt to win the franchise’s first title since 1970-71.

Here are the top player props for the Bucks against the Suns in Game 6.

Middleton is on fire right now and is a big reason why the Bucks are nearly home in the title pursuit. He’s averaging 29.0 points per game in Milwaukee’s three victories and is shooting the ball extremely well. He’s also the Bucks’ closer, meaning he’s going to get a ton of shots late. Take the guard to go over 25.5 points in Game 6.

There’s not a lot of value here because the Greek Freak usually finds a way to reach this milestone. Antetokounmpo is averaging 32.2 points and 13.0 rebounds per game in the Finals and has a double-double in every single game except one. Take him to register one at home in Game 6.

Holiday was a big scoring factor in Game 5, but the point guard is averaging 9.0 assists per game in the Finals. In Milwaukee’s three wins, Holiday is averaging 9.7 assists per game. While the shooting continues to be inconsistent, Holiday’s passing and defense remain solid. He’s Milwaukee’s third star and he is good value on this prop at + odds.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) (IL).Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ/WV/PA/MI), 1-800-9-WITH-IT (IN), 1-800-522-4700 (NH/CO), 1-800-BETS OFF (IA), 1-888-532-3500 (VA) or call/text TN REDLINE 1-800-889-9789 (TN).21+ (18+ NH). CO/IL/IN/IA/NH/NJ/PA/TN/VA/WV/MI only. Eligibility restrictions apply. See for full terms and conditions.

Philadelphia Eagles training camp has been abuzz about quarterback-turned-tight end Tyree Jackson and his potential to be a hidden gem for head coach Nick Sirianni and his offense.

The former University of Buffalo signal-caller got his first taste of preseason action against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday and showed glimpses of his ability in the exhibition.


The Eagles’ coaching really wanted to work Jackson out on Thursday as he got the most snaps of all the available Philly tight ends, logging 20 on offense and two on special teams. As far as receiving goes, he caught two passes for 32 yards in the final two minutes of the first half.


Jackson is being compared to Washington Football Team QB-turned-TE Logan Thomas and for good reason. At 6’7”, 249 pounds with impressive quickness, he is a big, versatile target that could be a boon for Eagles quarterbacks moving forward. I’d imagine he’ll continue to get more work and reps as the preseason moves forward and he still has the likes of Richard Rodgers and Jack Stoll to contend with on the depth chart. But the likelihood of him making the final 53-man roster increases with each passing week.

#Eagles TE Tyree Jackson caught two passes for 32 yards during a 2-minute drill to close out the 1st half.Jackson has turned heads so far in training camp. 6'7", 249lbs, 4.59 40, 34.5" Vert His closest TE athletic comparison is Logan Thomas, another QB-TE convert.

— Steve Frederick (@SteveFrederick_) August 13, 2021

Fantasy implications

Should he make the final cut in time for Week 1 of the regular season, he’ll still be solidly behind Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert on the depth chart to begin the year. But with Goedert becoming an unrestricted free agent next season, you could see the number of reps for Jackson increasing down the stretch, making him someone to keep in mind for the waiver wires and re-drafts in season-long leagues.

After spending his rookie season with New England Patriots mostly on the practice squad, wide receiver Kristian Wilkerson is trying to springboard his way onto the main roster this training camp. He got the opportunity to audition for a spot in the team’s preseason opener against the Washington Football Team on Thursday.


Wilkerson got plenty of work in the preseason opener, clocking 32 snaps throughout the evening. He was targeted nine times and finished the game with a team-high six receptions for 39 yards.


On paper, Wilkerson had a productive night but the one glaring sore spot was him dropping what would’ve been a dime touchdown pass from rookie quarterback Mac Jones in the end-zone. Nevertheless, he was still a consistent presence in the short passing game.

Fantasy implications

It’s still will too early to tell whether or not the second-year product from Southeast Missouri State will make the final 53-man roster, making his work in the Patriots’ next two preseason game critical. His status also depends on the performance of N’Keal Harry, who was listed ahead of him on New England’s first unofficial depth chart this week.

Harry logged 36 snaps against the Washington Football Team on Thursday but only produced one reception for four yards so we’ll see if Wilkerson can push past him for his spot in the offense.

Harm reduction and recovery advocates praise Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver for their leadership to modernize restrictive harm reduction laws

RELEASE – Harm reduction and recovery advocates praise Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver for their leadership to modernize restrictive harm reduction lawsFor Immediate ReleaseAugust 12, 2021— Today, the Murphy Administration called for modernization of New Jersey’s restrictive harm reduction law and urged legislators to lift the onerous municipal ordinance requirement that limits harm reduction services (S3009/A4847).“New Jersey’s syringe acces...

RELEASE – Harm reduction and recovery advocates praise Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver for their leadership to modernize restrictive harm reduction laws

For Immediate Release

August 12, 2021— Today, the Murphy Administration called for modernization of New Jersey’s restrictive harm reduction law and urged legislators to lift the onerous municipal ordinance requirement that limits harm reduction services (S3009/A4847).

“New Jersey’s syringe access services are a public health success story,” said Carol Harney, Chief Executive Officer of South Jersey AIDS Alliance. “We’ve dramatically reduced new HIV infections from injection drug use, distributed thousands upon thousands of doses of lifesaving medicine to reverse overdoses, and made our communities safer and healthier. We stepped up during COVID-19 to ensure that residents got vaccines, housing assistance, food services, and lifesaving infectious disease prevention tools like syringes. That Atlantic City is on the verge of closing a highly successful syringe access program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and overdose crisis, which could fuel a new HIV and Hepatitis C crisis, should be a wake-up call to policymakers to change restrictive, outdated legislation. With the leadership of the Murphy Administration, Senator Vitale, Assemblywoman Huttle, and Assemblyman Armato, we look forward to modernizing New Jersey’s syringe access laws, aligning them with national best practices, and continuing to show up for the residents of Atlantic City every day with essential public health services. We invite any legislators who are interested in learning more about harm reduction to visit our site and meet directly with program staff.”

New Jersey’s restrictive and outdated law recently has allowed for the closure of Atlantic City’s syringe access program — one of only seven in the state — against guidance of the city’s health director, the New Jersey Department of Health, and the Murphy Administration. By modernizing the state harm reduction law, lifesaving syringe services that are an essential tool in fighting the overdose crisis would be available for all residents who need them.

“Thank you Governor Murphy and Lt. Governor Oliver for your public health leadership. This legislation is desperately needed in New Jersey as demonstrated by the debacle that has occured over the summer in Atlantic City. I applaud the Governor for his commitment to saving the entirely preventable deaths of our cherished neighbors and friends who are struggling with substance use disorder and hope the NJ legislature answers the call,” said Jenn Oliva, Director of the Center for Health and Pharmaceutical Law at Seton Hall University.

“The legislation championed by Governor Murphy and Lt. Governor Oliver would close critical gaps to care for people who use drugs, which is an urgent issue of racial, economic, and social justice,” said Wesley McWhite, Policy Director at Hyacinth Foundation. “With the right policies in place, New Jersey can take great strides to preventing overdose deaths and new HIV infections, which are disproportionately harming Black and Latinx communities.”

“Access to harm reduction supplies and services—from new syringes to HIV testing to naloxone—is the only way we will survive prohibition and the overdose crisis. For too long, people who use drugs have been left to our own devices in NJ if we don’t fit an abstinence-based narrative. Not all drug users choose that path though, and that choice should not be a death sentence for us,” said Caitlin O’Neill, Director of Harm Reduction Services at New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition. “By championing a change to New Jersey’s restrictive harm reduction law, Governor Murphy is sending a message that New Jersey is a state that cares about its residents and meets us where we’re at, through all parts of our journey.”

“Harm reduction programs, of which syringe access is an essential component, are proven to prevent overdose deaths and replace drug war policies of punishment with ones of healing,” said Jenna Mellor, Executive Director of the New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition. “Governor Murphy and Lt. Governor Oliver have dedicated more funding and leadership to expanding harm reduction than any administration in New Jersey history, yet lifesaving policies cannot reach people who need them most with our outdated, restrictive law. If we as a state wake up in the morning and ask ourselves if we’re doing everything we can to prevent overdose deaths, yet fail to change this law, the answer will be a resounding no. The leadership the Murphy Administration, Senator Vitale, Assemblywoman Huttle, and Assemblyman Armato showed today is tremendous.”

“Widespread access to harm reduction services is essential to abolishing the drug war in New Jersey. For far too long Black individuals who use drugs have been punished rather than treated with compassion in our state. Harm reduction services save lives and are an essential lifeline for people who use drugs,” said Reverand Charles Boyer, founder of Salvation and Social Justice. All barriers that stand in the way of widespread expansion of these services should be eliminated. We stand with Governor Murphy and fellow advocates in support of this legislation,”

“New Jersey is moving in the direction to end the War on Drugs by intentionally investing in the lives and wellbeing of New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents, which has been missing for the past 50 years,” said Solomon Middleton-Williams, Deputy Director of Newark Community Street Team. “Investing in holistic approaches like the trauma recovery center, hospital violence intervention program, juvenile justice pilot, and now championing needed legislative change to expand harm reduction moves New Jersey in the right direction.”

“The effort by Atlantic City to close its syringe access program, which is proven effective through decades of research, is an example of leaders ‘picking and choosing’ who they want to prioritize in their communities. The reality is that all community members matter, and all community members deserve access to lifesaving syringe services, regardless of where they live. We celebrate Governor Murphy and Lt. Governor Oliver for their leadership in calling for needed legislative changes to benefit the public health of all residents,” said Brittany Holom-Trundy, Health Policy Analyst at New Jersey Policy Perspective.

Here are some findings about harm reduction, which is a proven public health best practice and a movement led by and for people who use drugs, people who recently stopped using drugs, people in recovery, and their loved ones:

New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition promotes harm reduction by distributing naloxone, fentanyl test steps, and other harm reduction supplies through peer-led programs; advocates for syringe access expansion and equitable drug policy reform; and organizes to build power among people directly harmed by overdose and the War on Drugs.

To request naloxone (brand name Narcan) and safer use supplies, mailed for free and confidentially throughout New Jersey, call/text 1-877-4NARCAN or visit

How to watch USA basketball vs. France (8/6/21): Tokyo Olympics gold medal game time, TV channel, FREE live stream

The United States men’s basketball team, led by Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, faces ...

The United States men’s basketball team, led by Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, faces France, led by forward Rudy Gobert, in the gold medal game of the men’s basketball tournament at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics on Friday, August 6, 2021 (8/6/21) at Saitama Super Arena at Saitama, Japan.

Fans can watch the game for free via a trial of fuboTV or Peacock.

The contest is a rematch of the opening game of the tournament for both teams, when France defeated the United States, 83-76, on July 25.

A victory for the United States would notch a third straight gold medal, while a win for France would earn its first-ever Olympic gold medal in men’s basketball.

Here’s what you need to know:

What: Tokyo Olympics, men’s basketball, gold medal game

Who: France vs. USA

When: Friday, August 6, 2021

Where: Saitama Super Arena

Time: 10:30 p.m. ET


Live stream: fuboTV (free trial), Peacock (free trial)


The U.S. has owned gold for three straight Olympics, making the middle of the medals platform property of the Americans.

The Australians tried everything they could to shove them off.

“They hit us with a nice punch,” Kevin Durant said after their men’s Olympic semifinals matchup. “We knew that team was going to get us down early and see how we’d respond.”

The response was not what Australia had hoped.

Durant scored 23 points, Devin Booker had 20 and the U.S. blew past and eventually blew away the Aussies 97-78 on Thursday after falling into a 15-point hole.

With their gold-medal streak looking in jeopardy midway through the second quarter, the Americans overwhelmed the Australians with a 48-14 stretch that gave them a 74-55 lead after three periods.

The U.S. missed its first 10 3-point attempts and didn’t hit one until late in the second quarter. Then it felt as if the Americans hardly missed again, with Booker making three 3-pointers.

“Obviously, getting down 15 points you know you’ve got to bring it up a notch and that’s what we did,” Booker said.

Jrue Holiday had 11 points, eight rebounds and eight assists for the U.S., which will play France for a fourth straight gold medal Saturday. The French beat the Americans 83-76 in their Olympic opener.

That was part of a 2-3 start to the summer for the U.S., which included a loss to the Australians in an exhibition game in Las Vegas.

The Americans don’t look like that team anymore.

They look like the best team in the world, like those that used to win gold with ease.

It’s clear the Americans still have their grip on gold and it’s going to take more than a few bad minutes for anyone to take it away from them.

Patty Mills scored 15 points for Australia, which still needs a win for its first Olympic basketball medal.

The Australians have finished fourth four times at the Olympics, including in 2016, but believed this time they could bring home gold.

For 1 ½ quarters, it looked like they’d get a chance.

They dropped the Americans into their second double-digit deficit in two games, outplaying the world’s No. 1-ranked team and looking capable of forcing the U.S. to settle for anything other than Olympic gold for the first time since the Americans stumbled home with bronze in 2004.

But the U.S. recovered and romped after halftime, improving to 9-0 against Australia at the Olympics.

“In the locker room, it basically was, ‘How bad do you want it?’ And we came out with the same intent we had in the first half,” Australia’s Nic Kay said. “We didn’t do it at the level we needed to. It’s unfortunate.”

The minutes before the first semifinal were another unusual scene in these most unusual Olympics, where the public address announcer pleaded multiple times for players to clear the court while Durant and Mills were warming up so a robot that entertains the almost-nonexistent audience could perform his shooting routine before the game.

The robot missed both his attempts from halfcourt. His long-range shooting was off.

So were the Americans, at least for a little while.

The Australians opened an eight-point lead while the Americans managed only one basket over a span of more than four minutes. Australia took a 24-18 lead into the second quarter after Chris Goulding made a 3-pointer in the closing seconds.

The U.S. kept misfiring from behind the arc and even had some shaky moments at the rim — Khris Middleton had an open dunk attempt coming off the baseline but slammed the ball into the front of the rim.

The Australians took advantage with eight straight points midway through the second. Dante Exum made a 3-pointer, Matisse Thybulle converted a three-point play after scoring on the break and Exum threw a lob to Jock Landale to make it 41-26 with 5:23 to go.

But the Australians got only one basket the rest of the half and will look back at that stretch if they again go home without a medal. They still led by 11 with 2:59 to go but the Americans cut the deficit to 45-42 by halftime.

“Last five minutes of the second quarter they were fantastic and it continued into the third,” U.S. coach Gregg Popovich said.

The Americans started the second half with two buckets from Holiday and two more from Durant. By the time the Australians got a basket nearly four minutes into the half, the U.S. had opened a nine-point lead.

The U.S. outscored Australia 32-10 and led 74-55 heading into the fourth quarter.

“Everything fell in line for us in that second half and that’s who we are,” Durant said.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Pregnant Kate Middleton on raising a child—‘it takes a whole community’

In a lot of ways (the hair, the palaces) Kate Middleton is far from the average mom, but when it came time for her little prince to go off to school for the first time, the royal felt the same feels we regular moms do, and had to put her trust in his teachers.“As a mother, just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that it takes a whole community to help rais...

In a lot of ways (the hair, the palaces) Kate Middleton is far from the average mom, but when it came time for her little prince to go off to school for the first time, the royal felt the same feels we regular moms do, and had to put her trust in his teachers.

“As a mother, just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that it takes a whole community to help raise a child,” the Duchess told a crowd at the Place2Be School Leaders Forum in London this week.

She didn’t roll up to the school gates on 4-year-old Prince George’s very first day back in September, as the pregnant mom of two was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness, which also impacted her during her first two pregnancies. Little Prince George wasn’t alone though, as Prince William was there to hold his hand that morning and deliver him to his teacher.

According to the Duchess (who has been catching up on the school runs since feeling better) those kind of handoffs are key, as parents and teachers are all teammates on team kid.

“Whether we are school leavers, teachers, support staff or parents we are all in this together,” The Duchess said while speaking at the educational conference. “We are all here today because we share the belief that every child deserves the chance to fulfill their potential.”

This is the second year Middleton has attended the Place2Be School Leaders Forum. She’s a royal patron of Place2Be, a national children's mental health charity in the UK.

As mom to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, 2, and the as-yet-unnamed royal baby to be, Middleton feels strongly about protecting children’s mental health. That’s another thing this royal mom has in common with us regular parents.

celebrity news


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