Water Damage and Clean Up After a Fire

water damage and fire damageSurviving a home fire is one of the scariest things that can happen to a family. Even a small isolated fire can be frightening and cause significant damage which, if not taken care of properly, can lead to dangerous health or structural damage that may or may not be obvious at first look. Now that you and your family are safe and the fire has been extinguished, your focus should be on restoring the safety and integrity of your home as quickly as possible.

More Than Meets the Eye

The damage caused by a fire goes beyond just the burnt materials you can see. Parts of your home also have smoke residue, a lingering smoky smell, water damage from the process of putting out the fire, possible infrastructure damage, toxic debris in the ventilation system and the possibility of toxic fumes elsewhere from burnt chemicals that were stored inside your home. For these and other safety reasons, you should never re-enter your home after a fire to retrieve personal belongings until the certified professionals have declared it safe to do so.

Always Hire a Professional

Restoring damage caused by fire is not the do-it-yourself kind of project. If the damage is not addressed immediately, the wet organic building materials can foster dangerous mold growth in things like the sheetrock and carpet. Time is of the essence for water removal and getting your home back to safety codes.

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