Two Easy DIY Fixes for a Leaky Toilet

leaky toilet could lead to need for bathroom mold removal NJThe bathroom is one room you can expect to find plenty of moisture. Water damage and possibly a mold problem could arise if something like a leaky toilet goes ignored or unnoticed. This could create the need for a bathroom mold removal service.

Depending on the type of flooring you have, a leaky toilet can cause water damage not only to your flooring, but also to the floorboards beneath. Left unchecked, a leaky toilet in an upstairs bathroom may also seep through to the ceiling below or cause foundation damage in a downstairs bathroom. If you’re holding off on fixing the toilet because you think you’ll need a professional plumber, there’s no reason to wait.

Two of the most common culprits for a leaky toilet are actually easy DIY fixes. The replacement parts can be found at your local hardware store and could cost you as little as $4-5. Really!

If you notice water gathering around the base of your toilet, you’ll need to determine if it’s dribbling down from the tank onto the floor or if the water is actually leaking from the base. To do this, run your hand along the side of the toilet bowl to see if it’s wet. If the side of the toilet is wet, it’s probably a gradual leak from the tank. If it’s dry but the base of the toilet is wet, you’ll likely need to replace the wax ring.

If the sides and base feel wet, this video is a great resource to help you fix the leak in the tank. If just the base feels wet but the sides are dry, click here to learn how to replace the wax ring and reset your toilet. Materials can typically be found at your local hardware store.

If you didn’t notice the leak until there was significant or noticeable damage, or if you suspect mold, foundational, or structural damage, it’s important you contact a professional to rule out health and safety risks. Healthy Way can help with bathroom mold removal NJ, so contact us today!

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