How to Remove Mold Stains from Your Home

mold stainsWelcome to the Garden State, where most regions experience measurable precipitation approximately 120 days out of the year. This much moisture tends to lead to ugly mold issues in the home if proper preventative measures haven’t been put in place (such as waterproofing), or you let a small colony grow out of control. For small home maintenance clean-ups after a wet season (or in regularly moist areas, such as the bathroom) where unsightly mold stains are left behind, here are a few ideas about what you can do to clean them up:

Household Surfaces – Add a few drops of ammonia to a bucket of warm water, dip a cleaning cloth into it and wipe down the surface. Go back over and “rinse” the surface well with a clean, wet cloth, then wipe dry. For stubborn stains, purchase a mold and mildew remover and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Be certain to try the remover on an inconspicuous surface to make sure it won’t ruin your surface.

Bathroom or Kitchen Grout – First, wet the grout with some water. Next, use a plain, unscented bar of soap to gently scrub the grout clean. Lastly, rinse well, use a cloth to sop up any excess liquid and allow the rest to dry. You can also try applying a mildew stain remover.

Wood – For mold found on furniture, mix 5 tablespoons washing soda (Arm and Hammer brand is pretty easy to find in your retailer’s cleaning section) per one gallon of water. Dip a clean cloth into the solution to clean the wood and rinse well with water. Follow up with a wood polish or wax to protect the wood from permanent water damage.

Be advised that you should NEVER attempt to clean up large mold growth on your own or mold that has penetrated sheetrock/other organic building material. Contact a professional as this could put your health at risk. Healthy Way offers a free mold inspection to get you started. Also keep in mind that if mold spots continue to return on a regular basis, you’ve got a moisture control problem that will need to be remedied before your mold problem will go away. Healthy Way can help with that too. Give us a call today! 1-888-572-7671

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