How to Prevent Mold Growth Inside the Home

prevent mold growth inside homeIf you live in a wet area of the country like New Jersey, you’ll want to be sure to take some extra steps to prevent mold growth inside the home. Sometimes mold growth in the home is more of an ugly eyesore, but you always run the risk for serious health side-effects as well.

Either way, there are some very simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do to prevent mold growth inside the home.

Fix It (or Replace It)

Install It

  • Place a digital weather station sensor in your attic and/or basement to monitor moisture levels in these areas. Place the digital reader in a place that’s easy to check on a regular basis.
  • Use mold-resistant paint in the bathroom(s).
  • Install exhaust fans in the bathroom, making sure they are strong enough to prevent moisture build-up during showers.
  • Install and use a whole-house dehumidifier.

Maintain It

  • Clear out the debris from the gutters and keep gardening areas clean. Less mold concentration outside means less mold tracked inside.
  • Take care of wet laundry right away.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly to remove excess mold spores which can lead to mold growth.
  • Regularly replace air filters for the home and air purifier units.
  • Clean up water spills right away.
  • Open windows and/or bathroom doors when showers are running and use exhaust fan.
  • Wipe down moisture from window sills regularly if your windows are single-pane or collect moisture.

Other Ways to Prevent Mold Growth Inside the Home

Removing carpets which harbor mold and dust, and replacing with laminate or tile, can be another great way to prevent mold growth inside the home, especially for those who are very sensitive to mold or have mold allergies. For those living in a high-risk flood zone, sump pump installation or custom water management systems are a very important part of preventing mold inside the home. While these preventative measures may seem cost-prohibitive, they are a worthy investment for protecting your home and family from mold growth.

For more information on ways to prevent mold growth inside the home, or inquiries about a custom-designed and installed water management system for your home, please contact one of our friendly staff members at Healthy Way!

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