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When realtors team up with the experienced experts of Healthy Way, they maximize their potential home sales and commissions by addressing moisture and mold concerns before they become serious issues. Healthy Way works with realtors, inspecting homes with a focus on mold and moisture that standard inspectors just don’t have.

Healthy Way also recognizes the importance of the ticking clock when it comes to closing, which is why the company expedites the process and makes these homes a top priority. Removal, remediation, reconstruction and refinishing are all within Healthy Way’s wheelhouse, giving them the ability to provide comprehensive solutions. The company even provides special pricing for realtor referrals in addition to the best warranties around. This gives potential buyers a tremendous amount of confidence so they can make the best possible purchasing decisions.

If you’re a realtor and you join forces with Healthy Way Parsippany, you can dedicate your time and effort to doing what you do better than anyone — selling houses!

What’s more, Healthy Way provides exclusive, half-hour seminars designed to educate and train realtors so they can spot moisture, mildew and mold problems. This is done at no cost to realtors or the companies they work for. Healthy Way offers important information that can help realtors avoid liability issues, and they are there to answer even the most challenging questions! The Healthy Way seminar gives realtors a huge advantage in the Parsippany market, enabling them to be proactive when it comes to addressing mold and moisture problems in the homes they sell. This important knowledge gives realtors an added edge in terms of credibility with clients,and helps them avoid unnecessary hold ups during the closing process. Everybody wins!

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