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Foundation Repair Parsippany, NJ

A house is only as strong and sturdy as its foundation. So when that foundation becomes compromised, it might mean terrible news for the homeowner who failed to address the problem as soon as possible.

Water is the most common culprit when a foundation has been compromised. When there’s a lack of waterproofing in a wet climate, expansive soil or a poor (or non existent) drainage system, it can cause serious damage. Fortunately, Parsippany homeowners have Healthy Way to call on. The company’s well-trained team of foundation repair Parsippany experts is available to address even the most serious and specific foundation-repair needs.

Signs of foundational issues might include:

  • A “dropped” basement floor
  • Easily flaked or chipped concrete
  • Uneven or cracked tile floors
  • Doors that jam or no longer latch shut
  • Windows that no longer open and/or close easily
  • Cracks in walls near ceilings, doorways or windows
  • Bulges, cracks or curves in the concrete or block exterior foundation walls

When a critical foundation problem exists, it can even be responsible for horizontal cracks in concrete walls. If this is the case in your home, you need a foundation repair company Parsippany that you can really trust!

Healthy Way is unique in our industry because we go deep, tackling the root causes of your foundation issues in addition to performing immediate repairs. With us, homeowners truly get the best of both worlds, so why would you choose anyone else? Make sure you contact Parsippany’s leading foundation repair contractors!

Call Healthy Way toll-free today at 1-888-572-7671 and find out how you can receive your free, no-obligation price quote and inspection!