Foundation Repair Company NJ

Rest Assured on a Firm Foundation

Foundation Repair NJ

A home is only as good as the foundation it’s built upon. A compromised foundation could mean very bad news for a homeowner who doesn’t address the problem sooner than later.

The most common culprit of a compromised foundation is water. Water causes damage when there is a poor or non-existent drainage system, expansive soil, and/or a lack of preventative waterproofing in a wet climate. The good news for New Jersey homeowners is that Healthy Way has a knowledgeable team of foundation repair NJ experts available to address your unique foundation repair needs.

Some common signs of foundational issues include:

  • Windows that used to move freely no longer open easily or close all the way
  • Doors that suddenly jam or no longer latch shut
  • Cracks in the walls, specifically where they meet the ceiling, or over doorways or windows
  • Uneven or cracked tile floors
  • Bulges, curves or cracks in concrete or block exterior foundation walls
  • Concrete that chips or flakes easily
  • Dropped basement floor

Foundation Repair NJ

Serious foundation problems may even cause horizontal cracks in the concrete walls. You need a foundation repair company NJ that you can count on.

Healthy Way is unique in the industry because not only will they repair your foundation, they will also tackle the root issues that caused your foundation problems to begin with. When you can get the best of both worlds from one of New Jersey’s leading foundation repair contractors, why would you go anywhere else?

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