Realty Services: Structure and Foundation Repair Services

In the process of selling a home, oftentimes homeowners or realtors discover that those cracks in the walls or warped floorboards aren’t as insignificant of a problem as they once thought. Sometimes this is only discovered during the pre-financing routine inspection. Foundation or structure issues typically must be fixed before a lender will finance the sale. We know that unless you find a cash buyer, this poses a huge hurdle in getting the home sold. Ideally, fixing these problems before the home is listed is best, but not always possible.

Referring Healthy Way when you suspect structure or foundation repair is a great strategy to get homes back to financeable condition and sold quicker.

When you refer Healthy Way, our team of experts will walk you through an initial inspection to determine if they suspect any structure or foundation damage. If we do find damage, we’ll work with the homeowner to formulate a complete solution from start to finish so they won’t have to worry about more delays or keeping track of several contractors coming in and out of their home. Our realty referral customers enjoy our highest priority and quality service along with special pricing. When you refer Healthy Way for foundation or structure repair, oftentimes the repairs raise the value of the home beyond the cost of the repair.

Healthy Way also has the absolute best transferable warranties in the industry, which is a great benefit to finding potential buyers. With a transferable warranty, buyers can know with confidence that they won’t run into the same structural or foundation issues and that they are making a good investment.

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