Waterproofing guaranteeMold Service and Waterproofing Guarantee

Having to deal with unexpected water damage is stressful enough by itself, but hiring and coordinating mold service and waterproofing contractors can leave you feeling stressed. Healthy Way serves Toms River by streamlining the process. Healthy Way provides superior services, top-tier customer service, and the guarantee that you will be completely taken care of from start to finish. There’s no reason you should have to hire multiple companies when you can everything done with Healthy Way. (Check out the Healthy Way Advantages)

Mold Removal, Restoration and Waterproofing Guarantee

We guarantee that…

  • We will never offer you a one-size-fits-all solution for your project. Every proposal is custom-designed for your specific home and project.
  • From start to finish, our experts will be available to answer any questions about your project.
  • We will always offer you a complete start-to-finish solution for your mold remediation, restoration and waterproofing project(s).
  • We will treat both you and your home with the utmost care and respect you and your home deserve.

Water Management and Waterproofing Transferrable Warranties

Our 10-year transferable waterproofing warranty means you can be assured you’re getting quality workmanship. We also offer a 2-year transferrable water management service warranty. If the same problems comes up again within this time period, Healthy Way will fix it for free, even if the home has transferred to a new owner.*

For more information about our mold removal, restoration and waterproofing guarantee and warranties, contact one of our representatives.

*Ask one of our representatives about warranty transferability details and limitations.