Realty Waterproofing Services That’s Effective and Affordable

Trying to sell a home with a moisture problem or water damage presents a unique challenge. Healthy Way is there to meet that challenge with you.

With home disclosure laws, any water damage must be disclosed to potential buyers. Healthy Way understands that without fixing the underlying issues, your pool of potential home-buyers decreases exponentially, as well as the value of the home. Finding a lender for an interested buyer becomes impossible, and finding a cash buyer can be almost as difficult. Sending us in first for an inspection can equip you with the information you need to help your homeowner get their home back up to selling standards and add value to their home.

Healthy Way knows that where there’s evidence of water damage, there’s an underlying cause which sometimes requires waterproofing services to prevent the problem from returning. Fixing the moisture or water problems opens the door for more buyers through finance-ability, while waterproofing has the extra benefit of adding more value to a home, especially in the New Jersey area.

When you refer Healthy Way, we work quickly and efficiently to remedy any moisture problems we might find and waterproof the areas that are needed to prevent the problem from returning.

Waterproofing Service Warranty is Transferable to New Owner

We are so confident in our work that we offer the absolute best warranties in the industry, transferable to the next homeowner. Our waterproofing services, paired with a transferable warranty, gives potential buyers the confidence they need to purchase a home with water damage history and to know that they can live in their homes for many years to come without having to worry about the problem returning.

Contact Healthy Way first for an inspection and to discuss the benefits of waterproofing. Call 888-572-7671