Crawlspace Waterproofing Services

Healthy Way is pleased to provide Burlington, NJ residents with crawlspace waterproofing services. Oftentimes waterproofing companies will shy away from providing crawlspace services because of the constrained space, but Healthy Way has you covered! We understand how important it is to have clean, healthy air in your crawlspace because it’s the same air that your family breathes on the ground floor. And, unlike many other local companies, Healthy Way customizes solutions specifically for your home’s crawlspace.

Here are some common indications that you may need crawlspace waterproofing services:

  • You notice a musty odor on the first floor of your home.
  • You find mold growth on the bottom of items that sit on the floor, most noticeably in darker spaces, like closets.
  • You find cracks in the concrete blocks or foundation following a cold season, indicating possible structural damage due to moisture.
  • Increased allergy symptoms due to poor air quality in the home.
  • Humidity levels above 60% inside your home.

Don’t Ignore Your Crawlspace

Ignoring the condition of your crawlspace when you live in a moist climate like New Jersey is taking risks. Unlike a basement which has between 8 and 10 feet of clearance, your crawlspace only has about a three-foot gap between the floorboards and the ground. This puts your home’s ground floor at higher risk for being affected by moisture and mold than if you had a basement.

Protect Your Family

The air in your crawlspace is shared by the first floor of your living space. If mold manifests in your crawlspace, the air inside your home becomes a potential health risk for anyone on the first floor of your home with potential to spread further. The best way you can begin protecting your home and your family is by contacting Healthy Way to ask about our crawlspace waterproofing services.