Is Mold in the Crawlspace Making You Sick?

mold in the crawlspaceHomeowners who have a crawlspace in their home may not think much about that three foot gap under the floorboards.

Unlike a basement which provides easier access for the homeowner, a crawlspace is usually only accessed by professionals when work needs to be done under the house. If there is mold in the crawlspace, you may not even realize it unless someone in your home starts exhibiting symptoms of mold exposure (including pets!)

Yes, Mold in the Crawlspace Could Be Making You Sick!

According to this March 23rd publication on ABC news, mold was the culprit behind a little girl’s sickness. The family lived in Pennington, NJ.

This little girl would get terrible headaches, a swollen face and experienced vomiting for days at a time. She was sent to several doctors and tested for all sorts of diseases, however, no doctors could figure it out. Her mother began wondering if it was something in their home that was making her daughter sick. And so, she checked the crawlspace.

To her horror, the girl’s mother discovered mold in the crawlspace; it was everywhere. They immediately left their home with the clothes they were wearing. Once the mold problem had been remedied, she was able to live the normal life of a kid again, symptom-free.

What if I Find Mold in the Crawlspace?

You must take care of it immediately. Besides health concerns, the value of your home will plummet. Untreated crawlspaces with mold will only grow worse with time, so quick action should be taken to minimize the damage. If you don’t find mold, you should consider waterproofing your crawlspace to prevent the chances of mold taking over your home. It’s a worth investment for New Jersey homes.

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