Mold and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Are They Related?

mold and chronic fatigue syndromeChronic Fatigue Syndrome is not well understood by doctors. In a relatively recent study done October 2013 and published March 2014, close to half of all doctors actually believed that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was nothing more than psychosomatic with no treatment available. As more people become desperate to treat their illness after doctors turn them away or offer ineffective treatment, people are looking at their environment to see if maybe there is something outside of their body that’s fueling their illness.

One Woman’s Story about Mold and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A story was published on the Washington Post website about mold and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. According to Julie Rehmeyer, a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient, mold and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be related, although she admits there have not been enough studies yet to officially link the two. From her personal experience, avoiding mold exposure and other environmental contaminants for just two weeks when she went on a trip to the dessert revealed a dramatic reduction in her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms and she was able to function again. Upon returning home, her symptoms immediately returned.

In Rehmeyer’s case, clearing her home of all sources of toxic mold and environmental contaminants found her nearly completely recovered, even two years later. She went from barely being able to get out of bed to now running, writing, and traveling the world with her husband.

What Does All This Mean?

We already know that toxic mold can certainly have ill-effects on one’s health, and this testimony suggests that a combination of genetics and environmental toxins (including mold) truly can affect one’s quality of life to the point of almost crippling.

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