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With the experience and expertise required to assist realtors in maximizing their commissions and sales, Healthy Way is the perfect choice for those looking to be proactive when it comes to addressing mold and moisture concerns. We work directly with realtors in the home inspection process, and we’re able to go much deeper than a standard inspector would.

We also recognize the importance of time, especially when the closing process is taking place. That’s why we prioritize and expedite as much as possible with realtor homes. And we do much more than inspection — we also provide everything from removal and remediation to reconstruction and refinishing. What’s more, Healthy Way provides special pricing for realtor referrals and the best warranties around! This gives buyers an extra boost of confidence as they make their decisions.

When you bring Healthy Way into the fold, you can dedicate much more time and energy to your job of selling homes!

What’s really special about Healthy Way is that we offer private, 30-minute seminars that educate and train realtors in recognizing mold, moisture and mildew issues — and this is done at absolutely no cost to realtors or their companies! The crucial information we offer helps protect realtors from possible liability issues. We also make sure we answer any and all questions, no matter how challenging! This seminar gives realtors amazing advantages by enabling them to be ultra proactive in addressing mold and moisture problems. The education we provide also gives realtors added credibility with clients, making it possible to avoid surprises and hold ups during the closing process. It’s truly a win-win for everybody involved!

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