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Foundation Repair Middletown NJ

When a home’s foundation is strong, the home is strong; when it’s weak, the home is weak — a compromised foundation is a sign of bad things for a homeowner who doesn’t address problems as soon as possible.

Water is the most common cause of a compromised foundation. A lack of preventative waterproofing in wet climates, expansive soil and/or a poor (or even nonexistent) drainage system can all lead to water damage. The good news for area homeowners is that Healthy Way’s knowledgeable team of foundation repair Middletown experts is available to thoroughly address their specific and unique needs for foundation repair.

Foundational issues are usually accompanied by some common signs, including:

  • A basement floor that’s “dropped”
  • Cracked or uneven tile floors
  • Windows that no longer move freely, or are difficult to open and/or close
  • Doors that become jammed easily, or are unable to be latched shut
  • Cracks in walls, particularly in the places where they meet ceilings, over windows or over doorways
  • Easily chipped or flaked concrete
  • Curves, cracks or bulges in concrete or block exterior foundation walls

Foundation Repair Middletown NJ

Serious home-foundation issues might even cause concrete walls to develop horizontal cracks. If this is the case for you and your home, you need to contact a trustworthy and professional team of experts.

Healthy Way is unlike other companies in the industry because in addition to performing foundation repairs, we tackle the root causes of the foundation problems. We provide the best of both worlds as one of Middletown’s leading foundation repair contractors. Why call anyone else?

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