Mold Removal Parsippany NJ

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  • Remediation
Mold is unsightly and dangerous, which is why you should always turn to the industry experts if you have any mold concerns in your home or property. Healthy Way of Parsippany has more than 20 years of experience and expertise, giving us the distinction of being New Jersey’s mold remediation masters — no mold issue is too tough for us to handle! We provide the full range of mold removal services, all of which are specifically designed to pull the plug on mold growth and prevent it from showing up again, regardless of the problem’s seriousness. Inspections, testing, removal and restoration are all part of the process, and no one does it better than Healthy Way. Contact us and learn why Parsippany turns to Healthy Way when it comes to mold testing, inspection and remediation! Read More

Basement Waterproofing NJ

  • Foundations
  • Crawlspaces
  • Basements
The foundation of your home is crucial to the overall health of your property — and your family. It provides structure for security and wellbeing, but it can also act as a gateway for leaks, mold growth and other types of damage. Thankfully, Healthy Way of Parsippany is here to inspect, evaluate and waterproof basements and crawlspaces properly. Our friendly, professional team of certified experts is capable of handling any kind of foundation leak, and it all starts with the most thorough inspections in the search for water, mold and/or structural issues. Insured, licensed and armed with the best warranties around, it’s no wonder why New Jersey trusts Healthy Way. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing a major leak or if you’re just noticing a few moist areas — Healthy Way is here to make solving the issues hassle and frustration free! Read More

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The Healthy Way Parsippany Difference

Healthy Way has been providing the most effective, up-to-date approaches to mold remediation NJ since 2007. Since our service is so comprehensive — including waterproofing and foundation repair — we stand head and shoulders above other companies who may promise solutions, but can only provide fixes that might not even get to the heart of the issue. We are the only company providing with a complete and comprehensive solution for your mold remediation, damage restoration and waterproofing needs! When you work with Healthy Way, you can rest assured that if we see a problem, we don’t just tackle the surface issue; we follow it all the way to its source, fixing whatever structural issue caused it to happen initially. We take comprehensive, thorough mold remediation seriously, so it’s no surprise to learn that Parsippany puts its trust in Healthy Way for all of its needs in the field of mold remediation. Call on the experts. Call Healthy Way of Parsippany!