What a Free Mold Inspection Buys You

mold inspectionYou suspect a mold growth problem in your home and you want a mold inspection. You probably got on the internet to seek out mold experts in your area, but they seem to be a dime a dozen. Unless you found Healthy Way first, trying to find a reputable, certified mold inspector who will address your problem honestly without taking you to the cleaners, might leave you with a bigger headache than the potential mold growth itself.

Many mold removal and remediation companies will offer you a “Free Inspection,” but what does that really mean? Some less-than reputable companies may lead you to believe that their experts are able to come into your home and tell you exactly what mold you are dealing with on the spot, all for “free,” based solely on a basic visual inspection. They then turn around and hand you their estimate ranging anywhere from hundreds to the thousands of dollars for the repair. Sadly, with all the hype about “black mold”, they know how easy to convince an unsuspecting individual that they definitely have a “black mold” problem, only to sell them an overpriced solution that they may not need or may not work. Check out this NBC Rossen Reports undercover mold inspection video to see what we mean.

When you call Healthy Way, we’ll shoot you straight because we’re in the business out of our passion to help people. Our free, no-obligation mold inspection buys you a knowledgeable, trained, and experienced expert who will come to your home and perform a thorough visual mold inspection and look for possible sources of excessive moisture. Based on this visual inspection, we will openly discuss with you what we believe we see happening and recommend only the mold testing that will provide useful information for formulating a complete solution from start to finish if we do find a potential mold problem in your home. We also send our tests to a third-party lab so you know the results are reliable.

If you suspect a mold problem, save yourself the headache and contact Healthy Way first. Our integrity shows!

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