False Water Table Remedied by Water Management System

Healthy Way was called to one home in Middletown, NJ to address a below-grade basement water problem. The home was relatively new, only about 15 years old. The foundation was showing signs of water seeping through the concrete blocks, but only after very heavy rains. The walls were damp and there were puddles of water on the floor. The basement also some windows, and the window wells on the outside would fill up with water.

We searched the property for all other types of water issues, including downspouts and grading, but we found none. Based on what we were seeing, we determined that this home had issues with a false water table.

A false water table is typically created when the ground is dug up in preparation for setting the home’s foundation. Before being disturbed, the ground dirt is very solid and compact, especially due to the clay known for this area. After the foundation is poured and set, dirt is then used to fill in the gap between the foundation and the edge of the undisturbed ground.

Water from heavy rains take the path of least resistance and collect in the looser soil against the foundation. Once this area begins filling up with water, it puts immense pressure on the foundation, and over time, can cause erosion, cracks, etc. for which the water can then seep inside.

Healthy Way was able to remedy this home’s false water table issue by installing an interior wall and floor pressure release system (water management system) and window taps to drain the water away from the windows and window wells. Two submersible pumps with a water pressure powered backup pump were integrated into the water management system.

Middleton, NJ, Water management system installation

Addressing this issue at an early stage avoided the headache and expense of having to deal with a mold issue. After the project was completed, Healthy Way took care to make sure that the basement was sanitized and clear of any mold contamination simply as a precaution. This customer’s basement remains dry during the rains and their window wells outside no longer fill up with water.

Middleton, NJ water management system install 2

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