When Do You Need Basement Waterproofing?

If you’re a homeowner, you might take your basement for granted. Maybe it’s where you store holiday decorations and other items that don’t usually see the light of day. Perhaps it’s the hub of your home’s vital infrastructure, too, but if you keep your home well maintained, you don’t need to go down there every day.

The truth is that your basement is the most important structural element of your home. It is, after all, the home’s foundation, so whatever happens in the basement affects the entire house. For example, if your basement experiences seepage, it could lead to damage not only in the basement, but to the entire home because it’s supported by the basement. Basement seepage can also lead to the proliferation of mold, which can transform a healthy home into a hazardous space quickly.

One way to ensure that your home remains safe is to invest in basement waterproofing NJ. But how do you know if you actually need it?


Water Has Gotten In

If there’s evidence of water coming in to the basement, your home’s foundation is probably not as secure as it could be, and could use waterproofing from a reputable company.


Mold Is Present

Maybe you don’t see strong evidence of water in the basement, but if there’s mold growing — or if there’s a musty smell present most of the time — moisture is definitely entering.


You Want Peace of Mind

Even if you don’t notice mold or any other evidence of water getting into your basement, waterproofing is still a great idea, just to ensure your peace of mind and safety as a homeowner.


You Want to Protect Your Investment

One of your jobs as a homeowner is to ensure that its value remains high. Your house is a huge investment, after all, so you need to protect it. Investing in high quality basement waterproofing NJ is a great way to ensure that your home retains its value.


New Jersey’s Basement Waterproofing Experts Since 2007

New Jersey is home to families that value safe, clean homes, but finding the right company to help you keep your home safe and dry can be challenging. Health Way has been doing it right since 2007, working with homeowners like you to develop custom, affordable solutions that you can count on. Call our office today at 888-572-7671 and find out how you can benefit from an investment in the best basement waterproofing NJ has to offer!

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