Case Study: Ignoring Below-Grade Water Seepage Can Compound Damages

One client from Ocean Township, NJ contacted Healthy Way to address a myriad of issues going on inside their home’s basement. After heavy rains, their sump pump would constantly run while hydrostatic pressure and water would come up through the floor. Below-grade water seepage was also seen coming through the concrete block walls.

water seepage - before- Ocean Township, NJ

The sump pump was found to be clogged and was not draining efficiently, causing water to back up into the pump well, and the pump to stop functioning the way it should. This basement also had iron bacteria in the water, which causes a red “muddy” substance build-up on the inside of pipes and sump pumps.

Boxes and personal items that were stored in this partially-finished basement had been exposed to water, causing water damage issues. There was a fair amount of mold discovered, not only on the personal items but also on the sheetrock walls and foundation walls.

Over time, the water seepage began to rust out the bottom of the water heater, causing a secondary issue with a leaky water heater.

Healthy Way was able to tackle this project first by removing the water and mold. Containment measures were put into place to avoid contaminating the rest of the home with the mold as the contaminated items were taken out and discarded.

water seepage issues being addressed - Ocean Township, NJ

Once the water and mold was removed, a customized interior wall and floor pressure release system (also called a water management system) was designed and installed to address the below-grade water seepage issue. The system included two pumps as well as a battery-operated backup pump in case the two mains failed due to mechanical error or power outage. Perforated submersible piping was installed to manage water beneath the basement floor, and the discharge pipe for the sump pump was rerouted underground to empty into a storm drain on the property which helped address the clogging issue. The water heater also had to be replaced with a new one.

Mold remediation services were then performed on all surfaces affected by the water and mold, followed by post mold testing, which passed inspection.

Since then, this home has endured several heavy rains, but the basement remains dry and mold-free.

water seepage issue fixed - Ocean Township, NJ

No job is too complicated for the experts at Healthy Way, but addressing moisture and water issues at the first sign of a problem is always the best solution. Contact the experts at our office with any questions you may have!

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