Benefits of Professional Mold Testing

The presence of active and/or high-levels of mold in your home present potential health hazards. Calling on the skills and expertise of a professional mold testing and remediation specialist is a wise move and helps you to combat this problem quickly and efficiently. Professional mold testing provides you with vital, accurate information on the types of mold in your home and the amount of mold spores present.

Top Three Benefits of Mold Testing

  1. Surety – you may suspect that you smell and/or see mold, but professional mold testing is the only way to provide confirmation. You’ll have assurance of whether or not the indoor air quality of your home is a healthy environment to live in.
  2. Specific Results – most testing provides accurate data on the presence of mold in your home, including location, amount, activity and species.
  3. Exposure – certain types of mold can remain hidden for a long time, growing and spreading behind your walls and in wood framing. Certain mold tests expose this dangerous presence and provide you with information to remedy the situation.

Talk to the Mold Remediation Specialist Before Testing

Hire an experienced mold specialist to complete mold testing and discuss the results beforehand. Find out about acceptable and unacceptable levels, as well as probable locations and coverage of the testing.

Professional mold specialists should also offer direction on how to prevent mold, such as using dehumidifiers, vents and exhaust fans to reduce moisture and condensation. They will target common areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements, and may offer advice on reducing your risk of mold in other areas of the home. Remember, the only way to control the levels of mold in your home is to eliminate any moisture.

Professional mold testing provides numerous benefits and allows you to combat mold effectively and efficiently.

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