Bathroom Paint – Is it Worth the Extra Cost?

bathroom paint to reduce mold. Can it eliminate bathroom mold removal?If you’ve purchased a new home, remodeled or repainted recently, you may have seen the selection of special “bathroom paint” as you walked through the paint section of the hardware store. You might have also noticed the premium price tag for the paint, which equates to roughly twice the cost of regular paint. What exactly is it that can make bathroom paint special?

Moisture: Bathroom paint is formulated to withstand the high moisture environment typically found in bathrooms. Even with proper ventilation, fans going, back splashes installed, tight-sealed shower curtains up, and tile lining the bathtub or shower wall, there is no one-hundred percent sure way to prevent moisture from developing on your bathroom walls.

Antimicrobial: Bathroom paint is special because it contains antimicrobial additives (tested, approved, and registered with the EPA) which makes it difficult for bathroom mold to survive on the painted surface.

Odor Blocking: Some of these paints also contain odor-blocking additives, which could be a great selling point for some homeowners. The other great feature is that you are able to achieve a flatter finish using the special bathroom paint which you couldn’t do otherwise using the regular paint.

If you’re going to skip the special bathroom paint, be sure to use a semi-to high-gloss paint in your bathroom(s) so you can easily wipe down moisture to prevent mold and mildew growth. The major downside to using the glossier paint is that it tends to be rather ugly when used for larger areas. This type of paint may look best if used for trim and/or cabinets only.

Is bathroom paint worth the extra expense? It really depends on who you ask.

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